CoC War Results

Another victory for the Knights with a final score of 57 to 49. This war saw Stormheart and Thunder come to battle. Stormheart was never attacked. Stats: Knights on Defense Survived at least one attack Jill, Tach, Sickthing, Stiffy, Mr. Yosa, Daggerstein. Thunder Outright Defense: Daggerstein, Thunder, Sir Stiffy, TinyTowerMaster Still Standing at the End…

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Stormy Knights vs The Champions

Another victory for the Knights.  The final score was 43-41. They gave us a fight. More Stats:   Knight on Defense Outright Defense Frostbyte Survived at least One Attack TinyTowerMaster, Mr. Yosa, Sir Stiffy, Flirtilizer, Frostbyte

Victory Vs Yadanabon

Yadanaban VS Stormy Knights

We won this war on defense but of course with a strong offense. The opposing clan had a strong war history with only a few losses. In the end we won with a score of 44 to 42. This clan attempted to have a member join us for the purpose of spying. They sure needed…

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Perfect War Score

This war brought us our 20th perfect war. The final score was 45 to 35. Knights on Defense Bases standing at end or war Frosty,  Tach95, Jill, TinyTowerMaster, Mr. Yosa, Natsu, Survived At least one attack Frosty,  Jill, TinyTowerMaster, Mr. Yosa, Natsu, Leoxe Knights on Offense If you’d like to join the nights visit our…

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Stormy Knights War

Another victory vs this Russia based clan. The final score was 44 to 38. Knights on Defense Survived At Least One Attack TheHawke, Frosty, Sir Doom, Tach95 Bases Standing at the end of war Frosty, Tach95, TinyTowerMaster, Mr. Yosa, Natsu, Sickthing, Sir Doom, Outright Defense TheHawke, Sickthing, Natsu Knights on Offense If you’d like to…

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Victory vs Clan Abadi

Two defenses by our TH8s, Tiny and TheHawke along with their number 4 failing to show up led to our victory after their number 1 three stared Stormheart. Stormheart had never been three stared in war since this clan was formed before this. It was a shocking moment! Knights of Defense Defense made the deference…

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War Loss

After a victorious 7 war streak we finally got beat by The Emperor’s. The achieved a perfect war with a final score of 42 to 45.  

Perfect CoC War Number 19

This was our 19th perfect war with a final score of 60 to 55. Unfortunately, I failed to keep any contemporaneous notes so I don’t have much detail to add on this one. The war took place on July 4, 2016. War Stats: Additional War Stats:

Another war victory for the Knights with a final score of 45 to 39. Bases Surviving One or More Attacks Jill, Blargh (Their number 3 loves hogs but our defenses killed them), Frosty, TinyTowerMaster, Natsu, Sickthing, Outright Defenses Frostbyte, Sir Doom , Frosty

Stormy Knights VS B3

This clan didn’t want to give up and can only respect that but it wasn’t as close as the 43 to 41 final score might suggest. They just did not have the troops at the top to three star enough of our bases. Knights on Defense Bases Standing at the End of War Frosty, Jill,…

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