Assessment at Match Up

They are only slightly engineered. We took none of our engineered bases that were even slightly engineered. They have 8 TH8 and we have 7 in this 10 vs 10 war. We still got engineered even without any engineered bases but it’s not absurdly so. This was intended to be a test but the results are inconclusive.


If they can attack it could still be a double perfect war but I don’t think we will lose.

War Weight

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 3 clan with 21 war wins and a win streak of zero. Their war log is not public. We are a level 7 clan with a war record of 94-21-7 and a win streak of zero.

Battle Day

19 Hours Left in War

The score is 17 to 6. Their attacks have been subpar with terrible choices for CC troops such as a pekka with a dragon attack or no CC troops at all by their number 2. We had one 99 percent 2 star on one of their 8s and three hail mary attacks on one of their Th8s by our 7s that all got one star. But everything else has been a three star attack. That includes two three star attacks on 8s by our 7s.  We have attacked 9 times while they have attacked 5 times.

Stormy Knights Battle Map


Destruction Comparison


Results of War

It was our 48th perfect war with a score of 30-12.

BD 1995 Battle Map

Knights on Defense


Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Happy, Mr. Yosa, Chief Muf, Caragus, RRUrbans, Sir Doom, Sir Stiff, Flirtilizer

Stormy Knights vs BD1995 Stats

Outright Defense

Flirtilizer, RRUrbans

Knights Surviving at the End of War

AviralSharma, Happy, Mr. Yosa, Chief Muf, Caragus, Ice Queen, RRUrbans, Sir Doom, Sir Stiff

More Game Stats

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Muf. Caragus, Ice Queen

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