Assessment at Match Up

They appear to be a capable clan. They are another engineered clan with a TH9 at position 10 on the map. Three TH9s at the top. The 9s don’t have maxed air troops.

Their TH8s are well defended. All the way down to position 9 on the map have level 4 air sweepers.

War Results VS All is Well

War Record and Date of Battle

Access to their war record is not possible but they have a 2 war win streak and are a level 8 clan. They have won 93 wars. The war started on 1-28-17. Our war record was 89-18-6 with a war win streak of zero.

War Weight Comparison vs All is Well

Battle Day

With 18 hours left in the war, the score is 66 to 37. Their number 2 has been three stared. He attacked our number 2 with a GoWiPe and got only a 2 star at 72 percent. At this point, the war is far from over. They can still win but they are in a whole.

Destruction Comparison VS All is Well

Their 7s have done a good job but down low, they do not know how to deal with our defensive clan castle troops.

Our 7s have destroyed all the 7s and two of their 8s.  They also had to finish off a TH6 that our TH5s could not handle.

With three hours left in the war, they pulled ahead by two stars.

Game Stats VS All is Well

With one hour left in the war the score was tied but we had an advantage of on damage. Number 1 had not attacked but soon did and got a low one star on Rm our top base and only 50 percent 2 star on our number two base. At the point the war was over and we had won. There was only 30 minutes left in the war at that point.

There was several attempts by the opposing clan to join our clan during the war. Their number 3 (Kimbulaa..)attempted to join. Then joined another clan before returning to wage war on us.

All is Well Battle Results

Results of War

The final score was 73 to 73 with the Knights getting the victory due to total destruction of 99.56 to 97.36 percent. Our war record is no 90-18-6 with a war win streak of 1.

Battle Map at the End of War

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Botrail Jr., Reshall Reiz, Rm, One, Cannon, Happy, RRUrbans, Gerry, Stormy’s Squire

Outright Defense

One Cannon, Stormy’s Squire

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Rm, Reshall Reiz

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Mr. Yosa, Sickthing, Chief Muf, Flirtilizer, Sir Stiff, Cragh, Daggerstein, Prince Caragus

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