Assessment at Match-Up

The Warriors are out of India. We are going to have a hard time with them. This will be our forth Clan War Leagues (CWL) battle.

They are bringing only 10s, 9s and it appears one engineered 11.  The problem is they have three strong 9s at the bottom. Our TH8s are wrong for CWL. They have only dragons without ground troops.

Warriors Profile

We could lose three right off the bat at the start of the war. They are my bases. I will try to one star them. It is unlikely that I can do any more than that and that could fail.

Warriors Weight

They have been doing well in this CWL season.

We have an advantage at the top but it is likely we will lose this war.  We have a chance but it will be very difficult for us.

Battle Day

Twenty-Two Hours in War

They made some last minute changes to their bases. Instead of that two strong TH9s, they brought in two weakish TH11s.

Clash of Clans Battle Map vs Warriors

The result was two three-stars by our TH8s.  One of those dropped its dragons and used a giant and wizard army with bowlers in the CC.  They allowed the Giants to break through the weak wall and the wall breakers went all the way to the core. It was a very good attack. This 11 had max ADs but few ground troop defenses.  The result was a surprising three-star attack.

The very bottom TH11 had only one level 1 AD so a TH8 three-starred it with dragons.

Finally, our next TH8 attacked the bottom 9 with dragons. While trying only to get one star, a couple of dragons managed to get to the TH. One died quickly but the other one killed the TH just as it too died. It managed to pick up a 52 percent 2 star. It was a very happy base.

Warriors Stats 1

Other TH8s manage to pick up a star each on the next two TH9s on the map.

The score is 10 to zero. We have attacked five times while they have not yet attacked. We are in a much better position than expected but we are not out of the woods. It will still be very difficult to win this war. While it has been a better start than I thought it’s still poor.  Their offense is strong. It is very unlikely they will not three star our bottom bases.

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 21 to 5. We have attacked 10 times while they have attacked twice.

Their second attack gives me hope. It was a TH9 attack with double zapquake vs a TH8 and they failed to three-star. It was a terrible attack with a ridiculous army. They brought seasonal troops to a war attack. It gives me hope but they have done well on defense. We have already started copying their bases because they are very good vs a Witch Slap.

Warriors Stats 2

We have a lot of two stars in the middle of the base.

Stormheart attacked a TH10 with his TH9 for 64 percent two-star. While Thunder managed a three-star vs a TH11. It was a blown attack but he recovered nicely enough to kill the base.

I had a great night but we have not done as well as usual in the middle.  

They still have out TH12s to deal with though which could be the difference in this war.  It is also our biggest hope for a win. We should destroy them at the top.

Sixteen Hours Remaining in War

Things are not looking good for us.  The score is 22 to 28.

They did very well with their TH9s and we didn’t do as well as normal.

Group Results for Round 4

Now though, they have to attack our higher bases. A TH11 failed to three-star my TH10. It’s a very difficult base to three-star.  Their other TH11 gave Raven an outright defense. It is something we really needed.

We have not lost but we are in trouble. As I type this their number 1 just attacks our number 12. A TH10 attacked a TH8. So it appears they have given up on our top three bases. But that also took the score to 31 to 22.  They have two attacks left. A strong TH10 and a TH11 that has some weaknesses in it troops.

We still have a chance but not much of a chance. They still have our number 15 for an easy three star. If our 4 remaining attacks are perfect, we will tie. And we cannot win a tie.  If they pick up four stars, we have lost. I don’t know if they can pick up four. They may be able too. It’s going to be a nail-biter.

Five Hours Remaining in War

The score is 32 to 34.  We have used all of our attacks. One of our last four attacks failed to three-star and we had to three-star and get a second defense in order not to lose on star count.

Standings After Round 4

Their number 1 attacked our number 12. Their number 2 attacked our number 15 and their number 9 attacked our 14.  They had too strong of an advantage and some very difficult TH9 bases. Those TH9s are what cost us the war. With most losses, there is some bad luck. One of our 9s had a high percentage 1 star. The queen would just not behave. If she had, it would have been a three-star. That one hurts.

So far they have not attempted an attack on our number 2.  They don’t need but if it were me, I’d go for the star.

We will also drop to second place in the group standings.  If they don’t lose their next war, they will likely remain undefeated.  Their next opponent is strong and has a good chance of winning but we have a good chance of losing our next battle too.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Erlohe

Silver: Raven
Bronze: Tertius


Results of War

We have lost this war with a final score of 32-34.

Results VS The Warriors

We will also drop to second place in the group standings.  If they don’t lose their next war, they will likely remain undefeated.  Their next opponent is strong and has a good chance of winning but we have a good chance of losing our next battle too.

Warriors Destruction

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