Well, as they say, close only counts in horseshoes. It doesn’t often get closer than this. I do not consider the war to be a complete loss as I learned some things. Mostly in regards to our lower town halls. I had advised our team not to use loons in war in the lower levels. I was close to right. A few balloon are not likely to help much but mass loons for TH5 and below are quite effective. The opposing team was using mass balloon attacks so toward the end of the war two of our warriors also used it. Both got three stars for their efforts.

Stormy Knights VS Bomberlin

Six Star Success Stories

Mr. Yosa, Sir Stiffy, Sir Doom, TinyTowerMaster and Sickthing each picked up six stars in this war.  Tiny picked up her first six star war. Flirtilizer played a giving role in this war. Going low for his first attack and three starring it. On his second attempt he took on the town hall eight that just wouldn’t die and got a one star.

Stormy Knights Clash of Clans

Of special note were Jill, Happy and Mr. Yosa, all controlled by one person did very well. They ran into trouble with one of their TH8’s but still made an impressive showing. Happy destroyed the number one base after my alternate, Thunder, failed to three star it with a GoWipe. I really didn’t do well at all with only sixty percent. Try as we might, we just could not three star their number 3 TH8 base this time. Happy, did get a ninety percent two star. While our number two base gave them problems. Unfortunately, with an hour left in the game, they did two star the base with 92%. That’s where the war ended with a score of 44 to 44 with the total destruction giving them the win by 0.17 percent.

Since we fought so well and so hard, the loss is not eating at me. I will note that a few minutes after the match someone tried to join our clan with the join request message for “Hey Dude.” Was it a spy? No way to know but where did this person suddenly come from? I have my opinion, you can form your own.

Clash of Clans war with Stormy Knights

I would have rather had a Clash of Clans war record of 7 to 1 but it now stands at 6 and 2. I thought both sides might end up with a score of 45 to 45 but that didn’t happen. We are going to take a break for a few days in order to get upgrades finished. Here’s hoping the next clan we get is rushed. haha