They beat us anyway, we had the advantage but we lost. They had a TH8 layout that gave our 8s major issues.  Thunder, once again had a total failure. A no star attack. My baby nine must be jinxed. I hope this will be my last war with Thunder. It’s the third time I’ve had no star attack with it. Makes no sense but that’s that facts. I got my Archer Queen killed quicking, was late with my wizards and the CC dragon tore my valks up. Another moment I’d like to forget.

A War Loss

At the match, they are a level 3 clan with a less than stellar war record. But, my baby TH9 is at the top of the war map and I don’t trust me. They have strong ground troops over all but mostly weak in the air.  Their top 8s are well defended and their nines are not poorly defended.

Their first attack was odd.Dropped two pekka to take outside buildings, each with a healer.  Didn’t work.  A one 72% one star.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

AviralSharma, RRUrbans, Lilyoeman, Sickthing

Outright Defense

Firtilizer, Lilyoeman

Knights Standing at the End of War

Sickthing, Thunder, Happy, AviralSharma

Graphical Summary of War

War VS Scorpyon

War VS Scorpyon Summary

Knights on Offense

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