Assessment at Match-Up

TW is out of Taiwan.

TW Clash of Clans Profile

Once again, we are heavily outmatched on first glance.  They have three TH12s to our 2 and they appear nearly maxed on both offense and defense.

War Weight Comparison to TW

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 10 clan with a war win streak of 2 and 135 wars won.

We are a level 10 clan with a war record of 200-45-13. Our war win streak is zero.

War will begin on 10-1-18 about 6:30 pm.  Noted the time because I’m going to add to Darian’s post for unfair wars. I really think someone at Supercell hates us.

Our War Map vs TW

Battle Day

Six Hours Remaining in War

The score is 35 to 34 both sides have taken 22 attacks. But, we are probably going to lose this war.

We have a chance but we have left a TH10 standing and also a TH12 has been attacked without getting a single star.

I had five wonderful attacks. Then I attacked their top TH10 with my TH10 and my Royals were still down. So I had a no star attack.  Our TH11 failed to three-star it and had a no-star attack on their bottom 12. That was a lack of experience failure. I know that everyone makes mistakes in war but not taking my Royals is one of those I will never forget for as long as I play the game.

We have a TH10 with two attacks remaining and a TH9 with two attacks remaining that can scout.

We have four TH12 attacks remaining so we could three-star everything but three-starring all three of their TH12s is highly unlikely and they will three-star everything but our two 12s.  This war was unfair and we had three bad attacks. Even without those three bad attacks we almost certainly would lose this war. This was the worst matchup I’ve seen in a while. And, we’ve been seeing some bad matches lately.

Their TH9s failed to three-star two of our TH9s. Sickthing was attacked 4 times and Mr. Yosa was attacked two times. Those are our two lowest TH9s.

Stats 2 vs TW
TW Battle map

Two Hours Remaining in War

The score is 43 to 43 but they have won this war at 97.47 percent to our 93.87.  Even if we didn’t have the three poor attacks, we had almost no chance of winning this war. In the end, they made no difference because of the TH advantage. 

It was an absurd match.  

Stats 1 VS TW


Results of War

We lost this war.

The final score was 43 to 43.  

We did well considering the mass advantage. We were able to keep it close and tie on stars.

Destruction Comparison vs TW
Destruction Comparison to TW

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