On paper they were a strong clan with a good war record. Their war record was 52-11-0 a level 5 clan. And they kicked our butts. I performed terribly in this was. I still don’t know why. I one stared their number 1 and only got a low two star on their number 2. I should have been able to three star both of those bases.  Their 8s all had the same base, it seems like we could have figured it out. We did get most of them and a lost connection cost us one too. Jessie, our number 2 nine did better than I did but I wasn’t the only underperformer in this war. I should have assigned more first targets instead of letting people pick their mirrors as people tend to do.  Our 7s almost always kill the bottom eight but not this time.

The final score was 39 to 44.

A Loss for the Knights

The Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Sir Doom, RRurbans, AviralSharma

Knights Standing at the End of War


The Knights on Offense per Clashcaller

RRUrbans did better than her position indicates. She attacked two 8s she had little chance of getting three stars on. Doom, tried to attack a base in a way that I knew wasn’t good but we had attacked it every other way so I tried it. Doom is one of my TH7s. He failed to get a star on his second attack.

Graphical Summary of this War

Green Land Beats the Knights

Graphical Summary of Game with Green Land


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