Assessment at Match Up

Only a little engineering going on. They have a TH7 at position 19 on the map with level 1 dragons. They have weak TH7s and TH8s which allowed them to get three TH9s vs our two TH9s. But their two TH9s are weak.

I don’t think this clan has a chance against us but you never know.

War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 6 clan with 72 war wins and a 5 war win streak. I don’t understand how they have a 5 war win streak. Their war log is not public. We are a level 7 clan with a war record of 92-18-6. This war started on 02-05-17.

War Results

Battle Day

20 Hours Remaining in War

The score is 36 to 29. Just as I started typing their number 7 attacked our number 3. A VERY bad attack. Dropping all his dragons in one spot much like some unschooled TH7s do when they first get dragons. Not surprisingly he got 1 star at 64%.

Their number 1 has attacked our number one resulting in a 60 percent 2 star. That’s not likely to be enough.

Battle Map

Our 7s were unable to three star the bottom TH8. I don’t recall the last time that happened. He has laughable AD one was a level 3 and the other two were level 5. But, it held our 7s to a 70 percent 1 star. Sickthing attacked it and easily killed it.

We have attacked 17 times and they have attacked 14 times. We have three stared everything from 11 through 20 and also 7 and 8 are three stared. They don’t have any consistency on the map. Their attacks have been all over the map.

Destruction Comparison

Jessie has not attacked with any of her 8s or her 9. Reshall also has not yet attacked.

At this point, I’m hoping for perfect war 47 but we have a long way to go. Hopefully, they will remain undisciplined and attack too high. With three TH9s in the war, there is no reason for their number 7 to attack our number 1 8 this early in the war. That is the kind of thing that will run them right out of attacks.

One Hour Remaining in War

With one hour remaining in war the score is tied at 58 to 58. Jessie has not yet attacked and our hopes are pinned on her. I hope she can pull off another three star but she’s still learning LaLoon. She attacked their number 2 for practice and three stared it but the xbows were set to ground. Number 3 has one set to air but the base is weak. A two star will ensure the victory unless they three star her or Reshall which I don’t see happening. They have dragons ready for their final attack.

They have done much better than I would have predicted. I didn’t think they had a chance!

Game Stats

As for me, I remain too sick to opt in to war. 🙁

Results of War

We squeed out a win with a score of 58 to 58 with total destruction of 98.25 to 97.05. Their number 3 never made a second attempt. They did a lot better than I thought they would.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Jillan, Daggerstein, Reshall Reiz, Gerry, Prince Caragus, Jill, Happy, Mr. Yosa, Frosbyte, Jessie

More Game Stats

Outright Defense

Jillan, Sir Stiff

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Reshall Reiz, Jessie

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Reshall Reiz, Sickthing, Chief Muf, Daggerstein, One Cannon

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