I knew this war was going to be close and it proved true. Their 7s really struggled though, forcing their 8s to take out some of our lower bases. But their number 2 attacked an 8 early in war and their 3 attacked our 13 fairly early after that. In the end, that cost them. We performed poorly on one of their nines, failing to star it at all! But they only got 1 star on Jessie at our number 2 slot and had only one attack on it because their number 2 attacked an 8 early on. That was the difference in the war. We won by less than 1 percent but we won!  That is 16 wars without a loss.

CoC War with Pondok Menteng

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Sir Doom, Sickthing, Sir Stiffy, Thunder

Knights Standing at the End of War

Thunder, Jessie

Knights on Offense

Graphical Summary of War

Stats VS Pondok Menteng

Additional War Stats

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