Assessment at Match-Up

Ugal Family, from Indonesia, is not an engineered clan.  With our war win streak at 6, I am very surprised. Clearly, Supercell has made improvements in their matchmaking.

They seem to favor hogs and have two bases at the bottom that could be burners. That always concerns me as it is a recipe modders use. However, With less than three hours before the war, their TH9s are showing probable Penta laloon attacks. Their raiding is very low so I don’t think they cooked those troops to raid with.

Ugal Family Profile

I see their number 6 has a GoWiPe army ready and that is probably what they will use but they do have a few more raiding attacks so it’s hard to say.

Both clans have 5 nines in the war. But they do have a Th6 and TH4 at the bottom of the map so they are short on Th8s. They likely have all they need to get the job done though.

This war could go either way. Their war win streak gives notice that they can attack so we have our work cut out. I do think we will win. When the wars are an even match it’s hard for me to think we will lose as we don’t lose often. If we continue to do what we normally do, we will.

Ugal CoC War Weight Comparison

This is a 2x clan XP war so hopefully, we will.  It’s still a long, long way to level 10.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They have a 10 war win streak going! We’ve had that but it has been a long time. You have to respect that. Their war log is private and they have 120 wins as a level 8 clan.

Clash of Clans War Map vs Ugal Family

We are a level 9 clan with a war record of 157-35-10 with 84 perfect wars. Our war win streak is 6.

The war will begin on 11-4-17.

Battle Day

Eighteen Hours Remaining in War

They have not yet attacked. The score is 22 to zero.  Number 1 has been 2 starred at 88 percent.  Number 2 has been three starred.  Number 4 has been two-starred at 99 percent.

Ugal Battle Map

The TH8s and below have been three-starred.   We have taken 11 attacks.

Thirty Minutes Remaining in War

They were slow to start but once they did, they took all of their attacks except for their number 1 in a couple of hours. Also, their number 6 has not attacked.  We have their number 1 and 2 three starred. The score is 25 to 24.

Twenty Minutes Left in War

Their number 6 just attacked our number 1. It had an accidental black hole and they got a 2 star on our number 1 with a TH8!  The score is 25 to 26. We just attacked their number 3 for the second time and failed to get a star on it.  There number 1 is online.

Stats vs Ugal

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Blitz for a three star on number 1.

Silver: Jessie for a three star on number 5.
Bronze: Cragh for holding their number 1 to 2 stars and for a 99 percent attack on number 4.

Results of War

We won this war with a final score of 27 to 27 but we had 99.10 percent destruction to their 91.5 percent.

Victory over Ugal

The last few minutes of this war were driving me insane!  Cragh took his last attack with 3 minutes left in the war picking up one star on number 5. We were still one star behind. Jessie took her last attack with 1 minute left in war and picked up the third star on number 5 and giving us the percentage win.

This ended their ten war win streak.

The defense was a huge part of this war.  Cragh holding their number 1 to a two-star clinched the win but attacking, of course, was equally or more important.

Destruction Comparison vs Ugal

It seemed like this might have been a one person army.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Stormyheart, Jessie, Cragh, (3), Frosty, (2), Blitz

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Stormheart, Jessie, Cragh

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War


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