We just ended our third perfect war. A perfect war with a problem. You might say “But isn’t a troubled perfect war an oxymoron Rusty?” I would have to agree. The problem was that the enemy also had a perfect war. With 100 percent destruction on both sides the result is a tie! That’s right, we ended in a tie after two loses and I am hungry for a win!

Stormy Knights vs Future Educators CoC War Tie

In a tie, you get much less loot from the war bonus than you do if you win. There should be a perfect war bonus too. This was our third perfect war in 10 wars which is extremely good. A tie sure feels better than a loss.

That Town Hall Eight Again?

In the war, we ran into a base that we could not kill. A maxed out TH8. In this war, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw virtually the same base. The biggest difference being this base wasn’t almost completely maxed, it was completely maxed.

Maxed Town Hall 8

Jessie, my girlfriend who has three town hall eights in the clan fought that monster base in the previous war with three attacks and could not three star it. Two town halls sevens even tried but they too, failed.

Jessie noticed right away that this war had the same base in it. It is shown above. We had discussed all of her attacks and they all failed. Her first attack this time failed again. Then we changed our tactics and boom, a three star. It was close though. The king was standing next to the wiz towers as the last two black balloons approached. The wizard tower was happily shooting at the king as the loons moved in and killed it. That was the last defense that could harm the loons and the base was taken out! It was a joyous moment for the both of us.

We had a commanding lead four hours into the war. We held that lead until the last 10 minutes of the game when they used a GoWiPe on our last remaining base.

Four Hours into CoC War

With about four hours left in the war, I could see they were going to go for a tie. There was nothing more for us to do but wait for them to attack and hope for enough fails to prevent a tie. But they did a good job and moved in and got the tie.  Denying us of the 50 experience points we need to move closer to a level 3 clan. Have to tip my hat to them. Most clans would have given up.

Six Star Knights in this CoC War

Six of our knights had six star wars.  Those were Jill, Mr. Yosa,  Sickthing,  Gamsu, Mumbo Jumbo and TinyTowerMaster.

Clash of Clans War Results

While a victory would have been nice, we did a great job but so did the Future Educators. A Filipino clan. Being an educator is still held in high regard in the Philippines. I am missing getting those rushed clans haha. Maybe next time. Storm is trying to work on his 3 star attacks while we prepare for the next war. Thunder is working on level 4 hogs which will help him with three star attacks too. I’ve not used dragons as a TH8 in so long, I’m a bit leery of trying but that may be necessary.

Most Heroic

My donation record at the end of last season. I was not in this war with StormHeart because my Queen was down. Thunder was not in the war, hoping for a better match up but that didn’t work as we got the same base.

Stormheart CoC Profile