Assessment at Match Up

They are a level 4 clan but seem rather strong. They have good troops but a couple of TH8s have level 2 dragons. Their number 1 nine appears to be maxed except for royals and hounds.  His royals are both 16 which is rather low.

Battle Day

They came at us fast and furious and jumped out to an early lead. Hey, that’s our game. With 17 hours left in war the score is 55 to 59 and we are trailing. They have taken 32 attacks and we have taken 25. Our TH5s had a very hard time with the numerous TH6s they have in war. We had to take them out with our TH7s.  Our TH5s gave it their all but just couldn’t manage any better than a one star and one cannon had a non star attack. He had to use wbs to pull the CC and still had trouble using one more than intended. He tried bowlers in the CC but with only level 2 giants they didn’t have the meat shield they need and failed to get a star with  a 43% attack.

Stormy Knights get a Perfect War VS Bandal Amnesia

With just over 17 hours left in the war we took the lead after Bhavya 3 stared the two remaining TH6s and bringing the score to 60-59.

Our TH9s have not yet attacked at this point. They have getting 1 star on our number 1, 2 stars on our number 2 and three stars on our number 3.

Battle Map VS Brandal Amnesia

With just under 17 hours left in the war Rm attacked getting three stars on their number 1. This gives us a score of 63 to 59. We have attacked 28 times to their 32 attacks. We are now in the driver’s seat. It is likely our number 3 nine can take out two of the TH8s if needed.

With four hours left in the war, we have three stared all bases except for number 6, a TH8. They have not attacked in over 8 hours and that was vs a base below number 20 and was already three stared. We will have a perfect war. One of our nines has not yet attacked but she will. The score is 72 to 59.

War Stats VS Brandal Amnesia

With just over an hour left in this war we achieved our 46th perfect war.

Jessie got her first three star Laloon war attack during a practice attack.

Results of War

The final score was 75 to 61 giving us a war record of 91-18-6 and perfect war number 46.

War Stats Vs Brandal Amnesia 2

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Prince Caragus, RRUrbans, Sir Stiff, Chief Muf, Caragus, Frostbyte, Daggerstein, Rehsall, Reiz, Sickthing, Rm, Bad Fingers

Outright Defense

Bhavya, Daggerstein

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Rm, Reshall Reiz, Gerry, Chief Muf, Caragus, Ice Queen, Frostbyte

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Rm, AviralSharma, Jill, Mr. Yosa, Caragus, RRUrbans, Sir Doom, Sir Stiffy, Daggerstein. Bhavya, Prince Caragus

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