Assessment at Match Up

At match, this engineered clan has an apparent advantage. They have 3 nines and a TH10 we have only two TH9s in this war. Their top 9 is strong on troops and solid on defense. The TH10 is weak but with level four dragons. One nine has level 2 dragons  and level 1 lava hounds.  Only the top nine has level 2 lava hounds. The two top nines have maxed their Valks and golem. They all have low level royals. Nothing over level 10 and the TH10 does not have a queen. It does have 4 AD making it a challenge for our TH7s but they are all level 4.  I think we can win the war.

They are a level 6 clan with 69 war wins but their war log is hidden. War begins on 01-7-17.

Battle Day

They had some good attacks but some weak attacks. Their TH9 failed to three star one of our TH8s, for example. He got too cute with his attack and didn’t bring enough dragons but a baby dragon, loons and a level one lava hound. Their number 1 got a 40 percent no star on our number 1 and never attempted his second attack.

We on the other hand, marched to our 42nd perfect war and I think our first perfect war with a 20  person army. Reshall Reiz has been with us for a few months as a TH9 but too badly rushed for war. He had zero war stars going into this war but now has five. His first attack was for a 97% 2 star but he followed that up with a three star on their number 2. RM three stared both 1 and three.

Perfect CoC War VS Ranoeya Spartan

Destruction Comparison

They had what basically amounted to four 9s to our 2 nines. Their TH10 three stared our top TH8. None of their bases above TH8 took both attacks. The final score was 60 to 47 giving us a five war win streak and the possibility of becoming a level 7 clan after our next war.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Reshall Reiz, Rm, Happy, Mr. Yosa, Caragus, Frostbyte, Flirtilizer, Stir Stiff, Thwack

Outright Defense


Knights Still Standing at the End of War

Rm, Reshall Reiz, Happy,  Mr. Yosa, Caragus, Flirtilizer, R2U

Knights on Offense

Knights Getting Six Star in this War

Rm, Jill, Happy, Mr. Yosa, Sickthing, Caragus, Frostbyte, Flirtilizer, R2U, Thwack, Stormy’s Squire

Other War Graphics

War Map

Statistics of War

Additional Statistics of War

War Weight Comparison

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