StormHeart is my in game name. My name is Rusty.

I am the leader of our clan. I do think of it as our clan and not mine.

Rusty AKA Stormheart


 At the this is posted, I am a TH9 in Champion. I am in champion because I want to keep attacking war like bases and keep my GoWiPe skills fine-tuned. I am struggling to find a three star attack that I can execute with only TH8 troops in my CC. I do three star, even in war but most of my attacks are two stars and that gets the job done for farming but just isn’t good enough for war. At least not for me.

I am 57 at the time of writing this. I’m an American expat. To some the word expat means something negative but it isn’t the correct meaning. It means someone that lives in a country different from where they were born. I live in the Philippines and I have since February of 2008.

You see, I got a divorce and decided it was time to explore the world. I had met several Filipina online and they are very pretty and they like me. I also needed a lower cost of living. I retired on disability many years ago. I have lupus or to be more exact, mix connective tissue disease. That means my immune system is confused and attack my own tissue. It sees me as a foreign body just like a disease. It would seem that I would have a strong immune system because of that but it doesn’t work that way. I have several other illnesses like diabetes but most of it is all related to lupus and it’s really impossible to know what is and is not as lupus is systemic. I really have a mild to moderate case of lupus and the illness itself will not kill me but it will weaken me. I try not to live my life as if I do but honestly, sometimes I pay a heavy price for that. A few years ago, I went on several trips to several beaches. The illness is exasperated by the sun. I got too much and I still have not recovered from that.

I began my adult life as an auditor, a job I really enjoyed. That life is far behind me now. Now I work on the web a little bit but mostly I just goof off. I like to say “Work sucks but I miss the money.” I am very fond of photography and computers. I’ve forgotten a lot of what I knew about PCs though. Having built several, I’ve not bought a prebuilt PC for myself since about 1990. At one point, I have seven of them in use!

Me and CoC

As best as I can determine, I have been playing CoC since January 20th, 2015. You could say I’m obsessed with it. I tend to be that way about things. Either I have no interest or I am all in. Oh, I do get frustrated with Supercell at times. I hope they never manage to drive me away but sometimes, I’m not sure.

Stormheart Profile

I’ve been a member of about 5 clans. The first one kicked me after my first war attack haha. I think I was a town hall four or less. That clan didn’t last long anyway. It wasn’t long before I learned to go to this forum to find a clan. I joined a good clan and I learned a good deal there and was a member for several months. However, the clan leader told me when I first joined she was close to a psychopath. I can’t remember is she used those words but what she described might be one. I learned to like her despite some of the things she did but her insulting ways finally caused me to quit.   I never regretted doing that.

I joined a couple of clans along the way. One kicked me because they believed some things on my blog were offensive. I tell you what, if my blog offends you, something is wrong with you, not me.  I was happy to get kicked for that reason.

Then I found a clan named Loyal Knights. That was an awesome clan. I was a member of that clan for almost a year. In January of 2016, it looked like I might leave Clash of Clans so I left the clan. I couldn’t raid for a couple of weeks. Not by choice, I just couldn’t do it. Leaving completely though, depressed me.

Stormy Knights

Stormy Knights Clan Profile

I had created Stormy Knights for some of my alternate accounts. I had made four of them when I had bought 10 days’ worth of shields and got bored. I finally formed the clan so they could give troops to each other. With those accounts, I had tried to join a clan or two but I kept ending up in clans with a bunch of teens and I just can’t take all of the stuff that goes on in those clans.  I formed this clan so the alternates could give each other troops. There were only three of them but they could help each other.

I decided to try to get this clan going and had some fast success by recruiting in global chat. But once again, I got a lot of teens. They ran me ragged for a few days and then left.  Soon, I had had enough of that. Trying so hard to please people only to have them leave anyway. I decided to go only to the forum.  I got great people that tended to stay longer. I’m very happy with where the clan is now and where it seems to be going. Turnover in the clan is very low now. Building the clan has been fun. It does slow down my own growth, I can’t raid as much because I’m busy giving troops away for war and other duties as they come up. Still, I am happy and hopefully we will have other TH9’s or 10’s in the clan that can help me with the troops soon.

If you are an adult and need an obsessed clan leader haha join us. The best way to do that is to join our band channel. You can do that by pointing your browser at: More often than not, we are at war and unless I’ve spoken with you, you will not be admitted into the clan. Our clan tag is: #8LJ0CV98

As I am typing this, we are about five minutes away from winning our 11th war. This time against a level 6 clan with a win streak of 6. It was a very close war that will end with a final score of 44 to 43. I wanted our fifth perfect war but we fell one star short. I too attacked the base with my alternate, TH8 I managed only 2 stars. We now have a win streak of 5 so things will get harder. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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