Assessment at Match Up

Another highly engineered clan but we are also a bit engineered in this war. They have 2 TH10s with infernos in this war. We have one 9.5 without infernos. We have two TH9s but so do we. One of their nines is a one cannon wonder. But we too have a TH9 at position 10 on the map. Their engineered 9 is at position 15. We also have a max TH9 in the war. Three of their 9+ accounts have royals near 15 and the 10s have slightly better than level 15 royals.

I don’t think they can three star any of our 9+ other than our 9 at position 10 and they will probably need to use a 9 to take that one out. All of their 9s have level 4+ labs as do ours.  

War Weight Comparison

Their 9 at position 15 has no Archer Queen and only a level 1 king.  It has level 3 dragons and level 5 lightning. It’s level 4 spell factor makes it able to execute a double zap quake on 8s. And our engineered 9.

Our TH10 is my Thunder account. We can win the war but only if Thunder can does well. We need him to 2 star their number one. Their number 1 has 2 level 2 inferno towers so the two star will not be easy.  He could even get a no star attack. Thunder has only level 2 freeze and is unlikely to use that.  Instead he will use miners with 3 to 4 heals. Probably 3 and a rage. Their number 2 10 has only one level 1 inferno and I am hoping I can three star that one. Failure on these two attacks means the war is lost.

Game Information

Their TH10s have not upgraded their camps and have an army of 220. Thunder has all camps upgraded and an army of 240. They do not have miners are bowlers on either of their 10s. Thunder has level 2 miners and bowlers. Their number 2 TH10 has some lava walls and no skull walls. Their number 1 TH10 has no lava walls and most skull with some lego walls. Their TH9 has strong air defense. Their number 1 TH10 has three level 3 xbows while the number 2 TH10 has 2 level 3.

We will be lucky if we can win this war.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 8 clan with a war win streak of 4. Their war record is 99-91-2. We are a level 7 clan with a war win streak of 8. Our war record is 102-21-7. The war begins on 3-23=17

Battle Day

They opened the war with a one star on Sickthing. We have three 3 stars on them. At 15, 14, and 11. The war is less than an hour old. They struggled to 3 star Flirtilizer, our number 15 but they got him.

Additional Game Info

22 Hours Remaining in War

Well, I get to hang my head in shame. I had an incredibly stupid attack with Thunder on their number 2 and got no stars. Rm came in behind me though and got a 99 percent two star on their number 2. So we are not in bad shape. Unless I repeat on number one and I might because it is a hard base for me with its 2 infernos spread far apart. My normal attack is unlikely to work and might get another no star. So I am getting valks ready with two freeze spells. My freeze is only level 2.

19 Hours Remaining in War


The score is 38 to 30. We’ve taken 15 attacks and they have taken 14. The problem is their number 1. I have 1 attack with my TH10 on it and I do not feel good about the attack. I have to practice valks tomorrow before I attack it. His infernos are spread far apart and I don’t think my miners will do well. The base is perfect for valks but the last time I used valks vs a TH10 in multiplayer it didn’t go well. I’m about to fall to sleep so I will have to attack tomorrow. It will be hard to sleep.

Stormy Knights End of War Battle Map

They have only one TH8 still standing, everything else is three stared except 1 and 2. 2 has a 99 percent two star on it. They got only 90 percent on our number 2 so right now, we have a win if it goes to a tie. But they still have lots of attacks left on both their two 10s and their TH9. Only their number 2 has attacked.  He is the one that got the 2 stars on Thunder.

5 Minutes Remaining in War

My second attack was also a disaster. Not because I was playing as if in I was in a coma like my first attack but I lost connection early in the attack. Never got my troops or all of my spells down. The attack was going great, killed the first inferno and the second one was out of range of the town hall. I would have got at least two stars. But… That put us in a bad spot.

With three minutes left, they had a one point lead after their last two attacks within the last 30 minutes of the war.  

Then Chief Muf came in with his town hall 8 and got a two star on their number 1 TH10 giving us the victory with less than 30 seconds remaining on the clock.

Their number one TH10 and number 3 TH9 never attacked. Proving once again, sometimes it’s about showing up for war.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Chief Muf

Silver: Rm
Bronze: Blitz

Results of War

We won despite two devastating attacks by our TH10 that resulted in two no star attacks.

Winning an Impossible War

The final score was 43 to 42. With an impossible comeback attack from Chief Muf.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Rm, Thunder, Blitz, Thwack, Gerry, Frostbyte, Sickthing, RRUrbans, Cragh

Enemy Battle Map

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Rm and Thunder

Knights on Offense

Destruction Comparison

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Sickthing, Blitz, Thwack, Cragh, Flirtilizer

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