Assessment at Match Up

This 10 on 10 war is an absurd match up. We have a slight chance of a tie but it’s only a slight chance. They have 4 TH9s and we have none.  Three of the nines have level 4 spell factories so they can double zap quake our TH8s leaving only one AD standing.

None of their bases are well developed, all heavily engineered.

They are following the trend of a couple of few higher level bases with most or all of the TH8s and TH7s being severely under-developed.

The matchup is as follows:












I was tempted to tell our people to not even show up for this war but decided against that. We will attack and do our best despite Supercell’s inability to match war fairly.

War Weight Comparison

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

It has been 16 wars since we lost a war. Both clans are level 7 clans.  They have a war win streak of 4 going into this war. Their war record is 102-69-4. Our war record is 94-18-6 and a war win streak of 5. The war began on 02-12-17.

Battle Day

22 Hours Remaining in War

They have a one point lead but we have the moral victory. We are not embarrassed but they must be.  All their 8s have been three stared by me. Further, their number 4 nine has a 2 star 99 percent attack on it, also by me and my four TH7s. No one else has attacked  yet. This is what happens when you give me a challenge and make me mad.  The score is 17 to 18.  We have taken 8 attacks and they have taken 7.

War Results with Burmese Whiskey

The bad part is they have three stared our number 1 and number 2 bases. Not a surprise considering their TH9s could kill our 8s if they just dropped two zap quakes, dropped their dragons and walked away.

They are not bad attackers, it’s a shame they feel they need to play this way which is a complete joke and they can in no way gain my respect. We’ve already humiliated them. Now,k I hope we can tie them.

15 Hours Remaining In War

Chief Muf, managed to three star their number 1 but got only a 1 star on number 2.  Number 3 and 4 have been one stared and Jessie managed to two star number 2 but it doesn’t look good that we can get number 2. We have only two attacks left on that base.

Battle Stats VS Burmese Whiskey

2 Hours Remaining in War

Nothing has changed on our side but they do have a perfect war. Their number 1 and 2 did not need to attack and have not. We still have one more base to kill with only 2 attacks left.

Results of War

We gave it a mighty try and we can raise our heads high in our defeat. I wonder if they think they can in this bogus freaking war?  The final score was 29 to 30. Everyone that could attack number 2 did attack number 2 but we failed to get three stars on it. Only 2.

More Battle Stats Vs Burmese Whiskey

We had gone 16 wars without a defeat and that did play into this bad match for us. Also though, this was the first of four impossible wars in a row. It was, in part, due to some of the bases we were taking to war but also because of our long streak without a loss. It took a few more wars for me to figure out what changes we needed to make.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Daggerstein, R2U

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

None, they had a perfect war. No surprise

Knights on Offense

Destruction Comparison VS Burmese Whiskey

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Sir Doom, Sir Stiff, R2U

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