Assessment at Match-Up

This clan appears to be from Japan but is listed as International.

They have three missing members.  Their numbers 4, 5 and 13 are gone. Probably not to return. Some of their remaining members appear to be inactive.  

Profile Japan 10-2018

This is a fairly evenly matched war with only an engineered TH10 at position 11 on the map.

They have several lower level THs and their poor performance in other recent wars.

Japan 10-30-18 Weight

Because of their weak performance in other wars and because of their apparently missing members, I think we will win this war.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

Battle Day

Eighteen Hours in War

The score is 29 to 6. We have attacked 10 times and they have attacked only 3 times. Our only battle that was not a perfect three-star was out TH8 vs a TH10 attack.

Japan 10-30-18 Battle Map

I had a much better war, with 5 three-star attacks. That feels much better than my no star attempt from last night.

This clan scored only nine points in their last two wars and that’s probably what they will do this time.  With several missing members, I think they have been beaten already.

Six Hours Remaining in War

The score is 41 to 8. We have attacked 15 times while our opponents have attacked only 4.  Each attack was for two stars.

Japan 10-30-18 Stats 1

This war doesn’t have a lot of suspense in it for us but that’s okay. We’ve had too much suspense already.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Erlohe, 2 stars on 1. A TH12.

Silver: Raven, 3 stars on 2.
Bronze: Tertius, 3 stars on 3.


Results of War

We won this war with a final score of 41-8.

Final Score Japan 10-30-18

All but three of our attacks were perfect. Of course, we only two-starred their TH12.  Their top TH9 was tricky. A Laloon was attempted but didn’t get the TH so it was a 73 percent one-star. A TH8 had an excellent two-star vs an engineered TH10.

Destruction Japan 10-30-18

Results for Round Six of CWL


Standings After Round Six of CWL

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