Assessment at Match-Up

De Nederlanders are out of the Netherlands.

Once again, we are at a massive disadvantage.  They have 6 TH11s and 4 TH10s. They have a couple of weaknesses. They have three TH7s and no TH12s. They could run out of attacks.

De Nederlanders Profile

I think we will win this war but I am not confident about that. We have an uphill battle on our hands again.

De Nederlandersm War Weight

We will need some folks to over-achieve in order to win so it is a long shot. They are currently 4th in the standings. But they have won 3 out of 4 rounds. That’s the same as us. If we do lose, I think it will be our last loss of the season.

Battle Day

18 Hours Remaining in War

The score is 22 to 6. We have attacked 11 times while they have attacked only 3.

They had an impressive Th7 vs our TH8 attack. They only 2-starred the base but they are attacking up a TH level. The TH on our number 14 is outside of the walls. That is probably not a good idea and it is one of my bases. If was inside, I doubt a 7 could two star it. But, it has low-level defenses.  Mostly TH7 defenses on the ground with more TH8 walls than TH7. So I might have to find a new base there. However, I don’t think that base will see another CWL war. It was a good attack at sixty percent.

De Nederlanders Battle Map

They had two other attacks that I found to be unimpressive. A TH11 three-starred my TH9 base but a TH11 should three-star it. I was not impressed with the attack.

Even worse was a TH9 that failed on a TH8. Instead of double zapquake, they used a 2 hound with five minions Laloon.  They failed to bring any poison nor did they bring any CC troops. They managed only a 96 percent 1-star attack. That should have been an easy three-star. This attacker had a level 4 spell factory. They should have used dragons.

I had a bad attack. I tried something foolish too. I went for the three-star on a TH10.  There was an inferno on the outside and I thought my witches would just cover it up. It failed terribly. I managed only 45 percent. Their Electro Dragon killed my queen as it was shooting at the TH and I had a no-star attack.

De Nederlanders Stats 1

But my TH10 managed a 53 percent two-star vs a Th11. I had a lot of help with the attack.  Some guidance from out TH12s prooved to be the key.

Our 8s did well, easily taking out bottom four. But, only a 1 star at 62 percent vs a TH9. The 9 was a full nine with xbows.

De Nederlanders Stats 2

We probably will not have any more attacks for the next 12 hours.

Six Hours Remaining in War

The score is 32 to 16. We have taken all 15 attacks while they have taken 7.  So, they have 8 attacks remaining and need only 2 points per attack to tie. Some will not be ties.  But they also have two TH7s that have not attack. Those may be dead accounts. They do appear to be dead.

Standings after Five Rounds


One Hour Left in War

The score is 32 to 27. They have four attacks left but only two viable attacks and one of those is barely viable.

Their number 8 appears to have made a bad call. A TH10 three-starred out number 15 TH8 with Dragons.  It would have been a better base for their last remaining TH8 but it has only level 2 dragons. It looks dead but it does have an AD in upgrade so it has not been dead for long.  It has only loons and wizards cooked and that’s what it has had the entire war. If it can two-star our bottom TH9 and their number 1 three-stars they will tie on stars.

Group Rankings After Five Roundings

We have only 74.6 percent destruction but they have only 67.07 percent. I don’t know if they can win a tie. But, that’s the best they can hope for with their two remaining attacks.

My blown attack on number their number 6 left an opening for them. It has me on pins and needles.

Their bottom two sevens appear to be dead but with those, they have four attacks left. I don’t think they are capable of getting a star.  I don’t think they will be attacking. I have to learn to go for the two-star when attacking a higher TH. It is hard for me to settle on two-stars but it is a lot better than a no-star attack.

Most Valuable Players

Gold:  Erlohe, 3 stars on 2.

Silver: Raven, 3 stars on 3.
Bronze: Tragic Rhino, 2 stars on a TH10 at 78 percent.

Results of War

We won this war with a final score of 32 to 27. This gives us a current CWL season record of 4 and 1.

Defeat of De Nederlanders in CWL

Their number 1 never attacked because they alone could not get enough stars. It’s unlikely that their number 12 could get two stars but possible.  Four or five hours after the end of the war, that base is still destroyed so they never logged in. The bottom two bases were dead.

Destruction De Nederlanders

At the end of this round we have achieved 209 war stars but leaves us at number 2. I doubt we can reclaim number 1. I don’t think the Warriors have anyone left that can defeat them.

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