This was another “mini-war” where we put our emphasis on our bases with lower town halls to give them a chance to get some experience in war. The opposing clan failed to star two of our lower bases but they gave up after their strategy failed.

War Results vs 3 Star Warrior

War Results vs 3 Star Warriors

They attacked our number 4 which is a town hall 7 with their number 2, a town hall eight. Easily getting that three star. Their number one went for what he thought would be an easy three star on Jill, our number 2 base. It has only level 5 air defense but he got a shock when he discovered the level of items he could not see. I think of it as a surprise defense. He got two stars but we had already three stared everything except one of their town hall 7s.

War Results at Four Hours After Start

4 Hours after start of CoC War


When I saw him fail, I had one of our sevens re-attack the base that had a remaining star on it and he got the three star. That we would three star that base was never in question because our three town hall 8’s still had one attack each. They had three stared all the town hall 8s with one attack each.

Event Log Near End of War

Key War Events


Our sevens took only one attack each as well. One of them made a mistake and ended up with a two star but Sir Doom got another six star war when he attacked it and destroyed it completely. That gave us a perfect war and left them with our number one and number two base each with one star remaining. Their town hall 8s had only one attack left. So unless a town hall 7, with level 2 dragons could take out a base that their 8s had already failed on, the war was decided at that point. They never took another attack.  There number three did three star one of our eights, our weakest one at that level. We will never know if he could have three stared our number one which was clearly the plan. When their number one failed on our number 2, they had too many open stars left so they just folded at that point.

Notable Attacks and Defenses

CoC War Stats -- Final


Sir Doom, Sir Stiffy and Roofdaddy had six star wars this time around.  Sir Stiffy and PayForTheThrills defended in this war. No stars were gained on the attacks on their bases. Several of our lower bases were not destroyed with only one or two stars gained on them.

Our town hall eights and sevens really shined this war. I’m glad the people behind the bases are on our side.  Our record now stands at 5 and 1. The latest victory was against a level six clan while we are still a level two clan.  Good job knights!

The difference in clan levels has a huge impact because they are able to put much more powerful troops in the defensive clan castles than we are able too. The level six balloons in the lower town halls stunned our newest clashers. One, a town hall four, had never been in a war before. He did much better in dealing with the clan castle troops on his second try. He was heavily mismatched but he tried and that is what matters at this stage. Losses are expected for a town hall four but we have others ready to step up and clean up the less than perfect attacks. It is a team and we all have to learn. My first war was a disaster. I was also a town hall four.  The only feedback that I got for my efforts was to be kicked. We do not operate that way. We are a teaching clan.  Come grow with us.

Our war record now stands at 5 and 1!

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