We ran into another Chinese named clan that I cannot type and another engineered one. It too resulted in another perfect war with a couple of great attacks from each of our two nines. Giving us a war record of 55-14-2 with 25 perfect wars.

Our new clan member Ardav2 shows us how to GoHo:


The final score was 60 to 43.

War Results VS Chinese Clan 09-14-16

Knights on Defense

Bases Surviving at Least One Attack

Frostbyte, Online, Happy, Sir Doom, Uncle Smurf, Sickthing, Jessie, RRUrbans, ArDav2

Outright Defense


Knights on Offense

More Battle Information

Shown in the graphics below:

Results of Battles

More Battle Results

At the end of this war we were promoted to a level 6 clan!

Stormy Knights Reach Level 6 Clan Perks

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