This war was against #13.Feb.2016# and it was not only a perfect war that brought us to level 5 clan perks but a complete blowout with a final score of 45 to 19.  They were a level 5 clan and at the start of this war we were a level 4 clan. This was our 17th perfect war bringing us to 34-10-2 which means fifty percent of our wins have been by perfect wars.

Seventeen Perfect Wars

Knights on defense

Bases still standing at end of war: Frosty, Tach95, Jill, Gnamsu, Mr. Yosa, Tiny, Natsu, Sickthing, Sir Doom, Sir Stiffy, Frostbyte, Blitz and Stormy’s Squire

Further more the following bases survived at least 1 attack: Frosty, Gnamsu, Mr. Yosa, Tiny, natsu, Sickthing, Sir Doom and Blitz,

Knights on Offense

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