We seem to either kick butt or loose in the last five wars. I prefer the kick butt wars. Our last two victories were perfect wars. One was easy, this one was not. It got a little scary there for awhile. They pulled within two stars of us with five stars open on our bases below our top base. Once again though, they were a bit rushed and lacked the firepower on many of their bases. Not on all, one of their eights had level 3 Pekka and level 2 golem but he just executed straight GoWiPe attacks with no hybrids to clean up at the end.

A video of that attack is shown below:


Two of their players attacked our number 5 and both got 97 percent. Both killed everything except for two builder huts. Even if they had picked up the final star on that base, we would have won. The final score was 45 to 43.

Another Perfect War for The Knights

They brought a new town hall 9 to war that appears to be heading down the 8.5 path. A good idea but he’s rushed.  They failed to max their troops at TH8. Still he had enough to three star our top two eights. However, we three stared their top 9 three times. We had five attacks in all on that base. The first attack was a two star for 87 percent. The second attack was a two star for 99 percent. The third attack was a three star. Two more of our eights were also able to three star that base after it was destroyed. So it turned out to not be a close war at all. At least not of the nail biter type. It was for a while and the outcome was uncertain. I did feel fairly confident that one of our attackers would three star that base. Two used dragons and one used a modified GoWiPe.

During the course of the war, we had at least one probably spy from the clan and there might have been two more that went through the trouble of joining our band channel for prospects. That still remains to fully develop. However, there were indications they might have been from that clan. I held them off until war was over. I haven’t heard from them again, yet. One in game invite was sent that was pretty obviously an attempt to spy.

Six Star Knights

Stiffy, Happy, and Natsu were our Knights to get six stars on two attacks. Others did too but those bases were already destroyed. We take all of our attacks, even when everything is destroyed. TinyTowerMaster was able to get a defense

More details of this war are shown in the graphics that follow:

War Stats

More Stats

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