Assessment at Match Up

Another engineered clan with two TH10s and we have none. Their number 6 is a TH10 with level 5 dragons.

We can win this war but it will likely be close. It depends on how our TH9s do.

Phil-Clasher Profile

We took no engineered bases but we do have three 7.5s in the war and one 8.5.

They have a clear advantage but we’ve beaten many clans that have that so I am expecting to win this one.

War Weight was not calculated for this war as the replays were lost due to an update of the server.


Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 10 clan with a war record of 187-104-0 but it appears they have recently improved a great deal. In the last 14 wars they have lost only 2 and have a string of perfect wars. They come into this war with two back to back perfect wars.

We are a level 8 clan with a war record of 117-24-8 but we are coming off a loss in our last war.

Battle Day

Twenty One Hours Remaining in War

They have held a one point lead most of this war so far but we finally took the lead. All their TH8s and below are dead. The score is 29 to 26. We have taken 12 attacks and they have taken 11.  

Our Battle Map vs Phil-Clasher

One of their TH9s became a TH10 overnight but it’s still a TH9 for defense and offense.

Most Valuable Players

Gold:  Z

Silver: Frosty
Bronze: Doom

Phil-Clasher Battle Map

Results of War

We lost this war by one point. Their top 10 gemmed his Valks and those level 5 troops were enough to three star our top two. Plus, Jessie got three starred and she usually does not get three starred. All their TH10s were just too much.

Loss to Phil Clasher

I’ve lost hope that Supercell will do anything about engineers. If enough people quit because of it, then they might but for now they don’t seem to be interested in doing anything.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Reshall, Z, Peter, Happy, Yosa, Daggerstein, Squire, 2nd Squire

Some Battle Stats vs Phil-Clasher

Outright Defense

Squire, 2nd Squire

Knights Surviving at the End of War


More Battle Stats VS Phil-Clasher

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Z, Frosty, Happy, Yosa, Doom, Stiffy, Daggerstein, Squire

Destruction Comparison vs Phil-Clasher

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