Assessment at Match Up

Two war without engineers couldn’t hope for three.  This clan, DJI Sam Soe 234 is engineered with a TH11 at position 7. It has level 4 dragons but camps of only 225 and  royals of 7. His Warden is level 1 but that’s all it needs to be. He has a good chance of killing two of our nines with dragons if he knows how to do it.

DJI Profile

All their 9s have royals below 15 some are below TH10. One has a level 4 AQ

Weight Comparison VS DJI

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

DJI Sam Soe 234 is a level 9 clan with a war record of 102-91-0 and a war win streak of zero. We are a level 8 clan with a war record of 114-23-8. The battle will begin on 5-5-17.

Stormy Knights VS DJI Battle Map

Battle Day

Three Hours Remaining in War

The score is tied at 41 to 41. We struggled to get two stars on their number 2 base. The best we did was a 98% 1 star.  They have two TH8 attacks left. One of the bases appears dead the other might not attack as well. It has dragons ready but the BK is down for upgrade and the base is dead with over 100K in the gold mines. They have an easy three star on our number 14 which would gain them two more stars and the win if we don’t three star their number 3 and 5. I’m hoping their number 9 does not attack.

DJI Battlel Map

Their TH11 was a dude for them. He got no stars this war and either lose connection of faked it on one attack. He got a 91 percent two star on our number 1 and 8 percent no star on our number 2. He was using a level 7 queen to queen walk.

Most Valuable Players

Gold:  Jessie

Silver: Frosty
Bronze: Z

Was hard to pick them for this war.

Results of War

Another win for the Knights with a final score of 43-41. Giving us a war win streak of 5 and a war record of 115-23-8.

Final Score vs DJI


Knights on Defense

We won the war with a score of 43 to 41. This gives us a war record of 115-23-8 and a war win streak of 5. The engineers will likely be very bad until we fail to win a war or two.

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Z, CaptainFalcon, Jessie, Peter, Thwack, Flirtilizer, Doom, Stormy’s Squire, 2nd Squire

Battle Stats VS DJI

Outright Defense

Z, CaptainFalcon, Stormy’s Squire, 2nd Squire

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Z, CaptainFalcon, Stormy’s Squire

More Stats VS DJI

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Z, Frostbyte, Stormy’s Squire, 2nd Squire

Destruction Comparison vs DJI

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