Assessment at Match Up

This Russian clan, XOTON, is another engineered clan. Hopefully, it is another one we will beat. We do kill most of them, I hope this is another one.

They have a TH11 low in the map with a level 4 Grand Warden with very poor defense.  It does have a queen but no xbows or infernos. I anticipate a TH7 can kill it. But, the important factor is can he three star our top two 9s?  That will hurt us.

Xoton Profile

We can beat this clan but it will be difficult. The best we might be able to do is tie. It depends on the 11. He’s got level 4 dragons and TH9 level camps but putting that warden to air and his dragons makes it possible for him to kill our top two nines. Two of our nines are weak on defense so they will fall easily.

That leaves us with only one other TH9 if that 11 kills our top two.  They do have a lot of perfect wars.

Clash Trackers weight chart was not functioning properly for this war.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 9 clan with a 5 war win streak. We are a level 8 clan with a 6 war win streak. Their war record is 163-72-4 while ours is 116-23-8.  The wr will begin on 5-11-17.

Stormy Knights vs Xoton Battle Map

Battle Day

Twenty Hours Remaining in War

As is typical these days with all the talentless engineered clans, they go low and we go high.  They keep dipping and we reach up and smack them down. The score is 32 to 21. We have taken 15 attacks and they have taken 8. They are dropping low, only one of their attacks was to mirror and none to a higher base. Their number 5 three starred our lowest TH9 at number 5 on the map, an 8.5 base.  While our three starred their lowest 9 at position 6.  I am not at all impressed with their abilities. That doesn’t mean they won’t beat us, they might unless we are perfect. If they beat us they just have overwhelming engineering junk going on.

Xoton Battle Map

Supercell really needs to fix this.  I think we will win but that TH11 down there could be a problem for us. I’m not sure because their skills so far have been lacking.  They have only attacked bases where they have a clear advantage.  They have not attacked a full base with an equal base yet.  I hope their TH11 attacks our number 1 and 2 because Jessie is at position three and rarely gets three stared. Our number one base is also quite strong and may survive a TH11 attack.

Six Hours Remaining in War

The score is 44 to 33. We have taken 21 attacks and they have taken 15.  They have not attacked  Blitz, our Th9 at position 8 on the map.  Our number one and two remain unattacked.  They attacked our number 3 (Jessie) for a 56 percent 1 star and our number 4 (Z2) for a 91 percent 2 star.

At this time, their TH11 at position 12 on their map has a goblin army cooked so they don’t appear to be getting ready for their attack. They do still have lots of time. I see that base as a serious threat if it attacks. The base appears active.

We are one star away from a perfect war against the rushed Russian clan.

Battle Stats VS Xoton

Three Hours Remaining in War

There TH11 came in with 220 troops and his Warden in the air to three star our number 1. Even if he kills our number 2 and he likely will, they will be hard pressed to get a perfect war. Their other nines have not done well.  They still have four bases to kill and he can kill only one more.

With still three hours to go, we achieved a perfect war and still have three attacks remaining.  Their number 6 TH9 dropped down to kill our number 8 TH9. The score is 45 to 39.  We can’t be beat. We can end their 5 war win streak and they can possibly end our 6 war win streak but I doubt it.

One Hour Remaining in War

Their final attack was a zero star attack on Jessie. They have two attacks left but it is from a TH8 and this war is over. We beat another engineered clan with fundamentals. We can’t beat all engineered clans but we can beat most of them!  The score is 45 to 44 we have taken 30 attacks and they have taken 26.

More Battle Stats VS Xoton

Most Valuable Players

Sometimes this is really hard to choose.  The people that got six stars are always in contention. But in this war, we had one base survive and that was the determining factor in who won the war. But, if their TH11 had attacked her instead of base 1 and 2 we might have had another base survive. It’s very hard to choose.

Gold: Jessie — Our only surviving base and gave us the go head point.

Silver: Z4 — Two Three stars vs TH9s
Bronze: Reshall — Three star on number 2 and 99 percent on number 1.

Results of War

We gave another engineered clan a butt whipping. The final score was 45 to 44. Our war win streak is no 7 and theirs is now zero down from five. It was also perfect war number 60 for us and giving us a war record of 117 to 23 with 8 ties.

Xoton Destroyed

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Reshall (2), Jessie (5), Z4, Flirtilizer, Sir Stiff (2), Daggerstein

Outright Defense

Jessie, Stiffy

Knights Surviving at the End of War


Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Z4, Yosa, Stiffy, Daggerstein, Stormy’s Squire, 2nd Squire

Destruction Comparison VS Xoton

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