Assessment at Match Up

Clans Indonesia Profile

Clans Indonesia give us our first even match in the last couple of wars. They are not engineered. They are not going to be easy to beat but I think our chances are good.

War Weight Clans Indonesia

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 13 clan which gives them an advantage. Their war log is private and they have 241 war wins. Their war win streak is zero. Our war record is 143-33-9 with a war win streak of 1.

Our War Map vs Clans Indonesia

This war will begin on 9-4-17.

Battle Day

Twenty-Two Hours Remaining in War

The most noteworthy part of this war is that there number one attacked our number 9 and 10 with a barch army and didn’t even wait for his royals on number 9. He failed to get a star on nine but he quit early. He had a slight chance of getting a star but probably not. He had only one archer remaining. He probably would have three starred number 10 if he had not quit but it wasn’t certain. He only had his Royals left when he quit. The BK was about to die but there was only one archer tower left and nearly a minute left on the clock. He might have not been able to get three even if he had not quit but we will never know.

Clans Indonesia War Map

The score is 12 to 2. Two eights remain standing but we have seven attacks left with our TH8s.

Hopefully, I will finish of the Th8s in a few minutes. Waiting for my BK to recover from a defense.

Twenty-One Hours Remaining in War

The big story at this point is that their attacks have been horrible. Two of their Th9s attacked our bottom TH9. One got a one star and the other one got a no star attack!

I struggled with number 8 and Jessie gave me the advice “Tell your dragons to go straight.”  Very funny.  Now she’ll have to kill it cause I failed twice on it. She didn’t know how she was going to get it but I hope she does.

Clan Indonesia Stats 1

One of their Th8s attacked and got only one star on Doom.  He used 2 level 1 golems, 2 level 3 pekka, 13 level 5 wizards, 28 archers and 5 wall breakers.

I don’t see how they can win this war at this point. I will be surprised if they even try.

Reshall just three starred their number two.

The score is 19 to 4.

Twenty Hours Remaining in War

Reshall three starred their number 1 and 2. The score is 22 to 4. I do not think there is anyway they can come back from this.

Clans Indonesia Stats 2

Seven Hours Remaining in War

The score is 30 to 5. We have perfect war number 78.  They appear done but there is no way they can tie us. This war is won. Daggerstein has been attacked three times and got two defenses.

War Stats for Clans Indonesia 3

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Reshall

Silver: Blitz
Bronze: Frostbyte

Results of War

This war was a blow out and I thought it would be difficult. If number one had not gone insane it might have been closer but I’m not sure. We still would have won because the rest of the clan couldn’t attack. Most of them never did.

Clans Indonesia Loss to Stormy Knights

In the final moments their number 2 attacked our number 2 and 3 with dragons but had only level 5 lightning so they were unable to zap quake two AD. They got a no star attack on our number 2 but a two star on our number 3.

Much of the clan never attacked.

The final score was 30 to 9. None of our bases were completely destroyed. We also reached 78 perfect wars and a new war record of 144-33-9. We are less than 300 XP away from becoming a level 9 clan.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Jessie, Frosty, Blitz, Doom, Flirtilizer, Daggerstein, Smiling Faces

Outright Defense

Jessie, Blitz, Daggerstein (2)

Knights Surviving at the End of War


Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Reshall, Frosty, Daggerstein, Smiling Faces

Clans Indonesia War Destruction

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