Assessment at Match-Up

BBS SG is out of Indonesia.  They are attempting to engineer with a weak TH9 at the bottom of the map. After a closer look, I consider them highly engineered but doing it smart.  It has level 3 dragons and camps of 200 so it is equal to a TH8. It does have a level 4 spell factory so it can double zapquake and gives them an almost certain victory over any TH8.

The clan appears to be fairly weak. It does have a level 17 Archer Queen at position 2. Number 1 has it’s queen down for an upgrade and will be level 15 if it finishes.

BSS SG Profile from CoC

Once again, they managed to get more TH9s into the war. This time two of them. Though one is at the bottom of the map. Despite our taking a TH7 to lower our war weight. But, it’s not a huge disadvantage for us. I suppose it is for those TH8s that cannot attack.

The rest of the Archer Queens are below level 10 and most Barbarian Kings are as well.

BSS SG Weight

I had to bring a TH7 to the war. Only Jessie and I will be in this war. We have several people away and that is why we have not been to war for almost two weeks.

I do expect to win this war.


Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 4 clan which is a significant disadvantage. They also do not have a TH10 in the clan.  They have won 32 wars with a 6 war win streak.

Our War Map vs BSS

We are a level 10 clan with a war record of 196-43-12. We have a 9 war win streak.

Battle Day

Twenty-One Hours Remaining in War

The score is 21 to zero. We have attacked 10 times including 2 scouting, attacks on TH9s by our TH8s. They have not yet attacked.

BSS SG War Map

I failed to three-star number 2 but number 1 is dead.

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 21 to 3. We have not made any more attacks but they have attacked twice to earn three stars.  

Their number 6 attacked our number 6 and had a poor attack getting only 1 star. The attack was bad. Then their bottom TH9 attacked our the same TH8 for three stars.  It too was a terrible attack but with double zapquake, it still works.

It’s a good thing for them that they have two TH9s that can kill four of our TH8s because I don’t think they can do it. They can probably kill our TH7 at the bottom of the map. If this is how they all attack, this war is already won.

Seventeen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 23 to 6. We have attacked 13 times including our TH8 have attacked their 9s from number 3 to 5 and earned one star for each attack. They have attacked 4 times.

Stats vs BSS 1

Their bottom TH9 failed to three-star our top TH8. It was a horrible attack and even with double zapquake on a TH8 they still failed to secure a three-star.

Six Hours Remaining in War

The score is 27 to 6.  We have used all of our attacks and they still have used only 4.

Their number one now has valkyries cooked but the rest of the nines still have giants, wizards, and healers cooked. The bottom nine which is at number 10 on the map, has a Goblin Knife cooked. It appears they may not even make an effort.

They have attacked only three bases at this time. Only one of those has been three-starred.  

Not having Craig in the war has hurt us.

Two Hours Remaining in War

They have made three more attacks. The score is 27 to 21. Their number 2 attacked our number 1 for  2 stars at 76 percen?.

Their number 9 killed our number 10 and number 8 managed only one star on our number 8 with an eighty percent attack.

BSS Stats 2

Update: Their TH9 at position 10 on the map failed to three-star our number 8 despite a double zapquake. How did this clan ever win six in a row?

Fifteen Minutes Remaining in War

I got busy with Clan Games and they got busy attacking. The score is now 27 to 26.  They have attacked 15 times. They have only one viable attack left. That would come from their number one which has his Archer Queen down.

Even if he does pick up a star from one of our 9s, they have a huge deficit when it comes to damage percentage.  Damage stands at 96.1 to 89.2 percent. The most he could get is with a three-star attack on our number 4 and he might be able to three-star that one, is still only 2.9 more percent so this war is won.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Stormheart, three stars on number 1 and two stars on number 2.

Silver: Jewel, three stars on both 9 and 6.
Bronze: Blitz, three stars on 5.

Results of War

It ended up being a close war due to engineering. However, their two engineered nines were unable to three-star two of our TH8s and that cost them enough to lose the war. They might have lost anyway.  They were terrible attackers but the engineered bases gave them a chance.

BSS SG Final Score

There numbers 3 and 4 had to use three of their attacks on our TH8s.

We have now gone 28 wars without a loss and our war win streak is 10.  It’s the third time we’ve had a 10 war win streak.

BSS SG Destruction

Our new war record is 197-43-12.

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