Assessment at Match-Up

This match brings us a clan out of China.

The war is a close match but they have more TH11s and 9s in the war than we do. Still, a better match than what we usually get. They have only one more TH11 than we do and one more TH9 than we do.

Their troops are strong except their number three TH12 troops are a bit weak.

China 1-19-19 Profile

They should win this war but I think we will win.  Their war log is quite poor so unless they have improved a lot, I think we can beat them. They have posted some decent scores and won their last four 20vs20 wars.

We have a fight on our hands.  It will be close.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 14 clan with a war record of 260 to 235.  Their war win streak is zero.

We are a level 11 clan with a war record of 201-46-13.  Our war win streak is 1.

This war will begin on 1-19-19.

Battle Day

Seventeen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 36 to 35.  We have attacked 22 times while they have attacked 20 times.  However, the score while close isn’t as close as it appears.

We have elven 3-star attacks while they have only 7. And their number 3 TH12 dropped down to attack our numbers 6 and 4. They failed to three-star both times. Both times getting a sixty-nine percent two-star.  They have also used two TH11 attacks. We have attacked with only one of our TH10s which got a three-star on their highest TH10 and a decent two star on a TH11.

Stats 1 for China 1-19-19

We are now at the point where our TH10s will have to attack 11s, We have a new TH10 in the war and she is an unknown war attacker for us.

There is only one TH10 still standing but they have only two.  A TH9 attacked their lowest TH10 and managed one star. Both of our 2 TH8s managed a two-star attack on their bottom TH9.

They have one TH8 which was three-starred by an 8 on our second attempt.

As expected the war is close and will likely remain close but I think we are doing a little better than they are.

Four Hours Remaining in War

The score is 42 to 43. Both clans have attacked 28 times.

We have killed all of their 10s and 9s.  We had one stupid attack by a high-level TH11 that chose to attacks a TH10 when we still had TH10s that had not attacked.  Picking up only 1 star and only three percent. I’m very unhappy with the decision. I probably should kick them. It is so hard to get new members so I won’t. I think he was just padding his on stars. It was a very selfish act. I don’t usually get so negative but that was really a poor and probably selfish decision. I need to make it clear to that member who to attack from now on.  That attack could cost us the war.

Stats 2 for China 1-19-19

Sickthing picked up an outright defense vs another TH9.

Two Hours Remaining in War

The score is 52 to 48. We have attacked 33 times while they have attacked 31.  We got a three-star from a guest warrior, Big Dome, on their number 3. He is our number 3 in this war. Both are TH12s.

Thunder three-starred their top TH10 and a decent two-star on their bottom 11.

Their number 2 managed only 1 star against our number 3 TH12.  Their 11s are attacking our 9s. One for three stars but the three remaining bases have only one star available. So they have three more easy stars and then they must stop dipping and fight.

We have two-starred their other two TH12 with attacks near or above 85 percent.  We have three TH12 attacks remaining to attack their 11s with. We also still have two TH11 attacks remaining.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Big Dome – 3 Stars on both Number 3 and 4

Silver: Erlohe – 2 Stars on 1 and 3 stars on 6
Bronze Raven – 2 stars on 2 and 7

Results of War

As predicted it was a close war. We won with a final score of 56 to 53.

Defeat of China 1-19-19


The bottom of the map does matter. Their 9s failed to three-star several of our bases. One was attacked 5 times before it was three-starred. Their 11s had to go down and take those bases out. This didn’t leave them enough attacks on our top bases where they didn’t have much success with two one-star attacks and one two-star attack.

Their number 3 TH12 attacked lower and that also hurt them.

Our new war record is 202-46-13.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Erlohe, Rave, BigDome, MrRasche, Delskie, Tertius, Frosty (2), Billie, Sickthing (2), Mr. Yosa (2), Frostbyte (2), Millie (5), Knight Crawler, Doom

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Erlohe, Raven, BigDome, MrRasche, Delskie

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

BigDome, Delskie, Frostbyte, Millie

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