This war against “Craft Empire” is an engineered clan, we intended to show them who’s crafty!  They were no match for us. They didn’t really try. We beat them badly.  If not for a giant bomb killing RM’s wall breakers it would have been a perfect war for us. As it is, we left their number 2 nine with one star open.

Crafty Empire Clash of Clans War Results


Perhaps by “Crafty” they mean inflated war stars.  With 45 minutes left in the war their number 2, a nine attacked our number 5 and our number 20. He just attacked the bases with three stars open on them. There were others higher up with 3 stars available but this person just wanted the stars. So Rahi, your 621 wars stars means nothing to me.

The final score was 59 to 34.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Happy, Sir Stiffy, Frostbyte, AviralSharma, Thunder, Happy, RM, Jill,

Knights Still Standing at the End of War

RM, Thunder, Jill, Happy, AviralSharma, Caragus, Frostbyte, RRUrbans, Sir Stiffy, Chief Muf, Ice Queen, Thwack, Stormy’s Squire

Knights on Offense

Graphical Summary of War

Crafty Empire CoC War

Summary of War with Crafty Empire

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