Assessment at Match-Up

Assassinos are an engineered clan. They appear to be quite weak but their history on COCP.IT shows some success so they might put up more of a fight than it appears they are capable of. They, of course, have a lot of dip attacks.

COC War Weight for Assassinos

They have a TH11 in the war and we have none.  They also have two engineered nines at the middle and near bottom of the map.

Clash of Clans Profile for Assassinos

I think we will win this war. But, a review of their history shows that their TH12s are worthy attackers and could present some problems for us.  Also, between the two of them, they have over 4000 war stars.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

Their war record is not public. They have 132 war wins and are a level 10 clan.

Stats 1 vs Assassinos

Our war record is 199-43-13.  

Both clans have a war win streak of zero. We have gone 31 wars without a loss and are hoping to get our 200th win during this war.

This war will begin on 10-21-18.

Battle Day

Twenty-One Hours Remaining in War

The score is 32 to zero.  We have attacked 13 times including two scouting attacks. They have attacked once giving us an outright defense on our number 14.

They have only one TH9 still standing and two TH8s managed to two-star it. We not going to have any problem killing that. Leaving only the TH10, 11 and two 12s.

A TH8 killed an engineered TH9. It was a difficult attack and took two attempts.

Of course, the war is likely to come down to what happens at TH12.  With all the engineering they have going on, I don’t think they will run out of attacks down low. Even their second TH9 did not have xbows!

They are more heavily engineered than first meets the eye and that they are engineered was obvious.

My second TH9 attack didn’t go too well. The CC troops got to my witches and tore up one side. Witches are going to be nerfed tomorrow so the attack probably would have failed tomorrow. I’m glad I attacked today.

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 36 to five. Our Th9s killed all the 9s and the bottom TH10! They have only their TH11 and two 12s still standing.

Stats 2 vs Assassinos

We have attacked 16 times while they have attacked 5 times.  They have given us two outright defenses. They have managed one three-star on our bottom TH8 that is brought to war to lower our war-weight. It has all defenses but most are at TH7 levels but has TH8 dragons and loons.

All of there attacks have been dips. They may yet run out of attacks.  But their TH10 will kill two our 9s and the TH11 may kill one as well so they have lots of attacks. I can only hope their TH12s attack as poorly as their TH8s and 9s do. Only one TH9 has attacked at this point and it was a very bad attack.

Twelve Hours Remaining in War

They woke up and started to get to work and they have a lot of work to do due to poor attacks at the bottom of their roster.

Their 12s did well vs our 12s with one 97 percent two-star.  That raises the alarm bells.

Their TH10 attacked my TH9 and failed to three-star. They used dragons. As soon as I saw that I knew I had a chance. Many 9s have tried dragons vs my base and it didn’t go well. Now, a TH10 has also tried.  It had level 2 blowers but only level 1 miners and witches. Also level 1 hounds.

Jessie killed their TH10 with her TH9!  A very nice attack on a TH10 without infernos.

Four Hours Remaining in War

The score is 43 to 39. We have taken all 30 of our attacks and they have 7 attacks remaining but out of those only two attacks are viable.

Their TH12 failed to three-star our TH10, leaving one one inferno tower standing for a 99 percent two-star.  That was devastating.

However, the war was really won at the bottom of the map.  Their poor attacking at the bottom caused them to run out of attacks. Their whole strategy was to dip and I’m sure it works against many clans. It has occasionally worked against us but it usually does not.

Their TH9 at position 7 on the map just gave us our third outright defense.  They tried to use dragons on my base because he didn’t have ground troops. Only level 3 dragons. A TH10 already failed using dragons, this weak TH9 had no chance.  They had two other TH9s they could have attacked. Those two are lower down the map so with weaker defense. My TH9 looks easy to kill with dragons.

I just noticed that before he attacked, he gemmed his spell factory so he did end up having double-zapquake.  She also used a power potion to give herself level 4 dragons. I’m surprised she didn’t gem her camps too.

Our TH12 managed to two-star both of their 12 but at a lower percentage than they got on one of our 12s.

We have won this war.  After giving us three out-right defenses, their dipping strategy ran out of attacks.

Three Hours Remaining in War

Their number 7 TH9 just tried to use an army of entirely of hogs and gave us our forth outright defense. I don’t know why they would do that. They need four stars to win and can get only 3. Its king couldn’t even kill a defensive king due to its low level at 10 vs our level 23 king.

There is a scheduled update that will probably extend this war for two hours if it does happen today. But it will make no difference in the final outcome. That has been decided.

Even though they still have six attacks remaining, four of those attacks have zero chance of three stars. They are TH8s with level 2 dragons and no golems nor PEKKAs.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Raven, two stars on 1 and 2.

Silver: Erlohe, 3 stars on 3 and 2 stars on 2.
Bronze: Jessie, 3 stars on 4 and 7.

Results of War

We won this war giving us 32 wars without a loss.

Victory over Assassinos

Only their number 10 TH8 managed to three-star vs our 8s.  The rest of their three stars came from dip attacks.

Destruction Comparison vs Assassinos

This gives us 200 war wins.

200 War Wins for Stormy Knights

In the end, they ran out of attacks. As is often the case, engineers rely on their dip attacks and their bottom bases lack the necessary skill to pull it off.

This was our first war with TH12s.

More details of this war can be found on Clash Track.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Erlohe, Raven Tertius, Stormheart (2), Frosty, Billie (3), Smiling Faces, Millie, Jewel, Geeky Night (2), Knight Crawler

Outright Defense

Geeky Knight, Stormheart, Billie, Jewel

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Erlohe, Raven, Tertius, Stormheart, Frosty, Billie

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Stormheart, Jessie, Smiling Faces, Jewel, Knight Crawler

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