Assessment at Match Up

This is depressing. They have a TH11 and we have nothing but 9s and a TH10 without Xbows and infernos. They are following that old formula that we keep seeing. Two strong bases in this case then the rest highly engineered. Our only chance is a tie. They also have several TH9s lower down in the map with level 4 dragons and max camps.

Weight Comparison VS Queen Max

This match left me depressed as it is the second of this type in a row. Worse, Supercell developers indicated they are torn on the issue of engineered clans. Their ideas to fix it would be impossible to implement. It would be so easy to make a TH11 have a war weight of a max TH10. That does not seem to be on their radar.

Taking Thunder to war as a TH10 and no Xbows is probably not going to be a good idea in most cases. Also, I have learned since this war not to take our little TH3s and so to war too.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They have a war win streak of 3 but their log is public and they achieved a perfect war 10 times in a row. They had one double tie. Their war record is 98-47-2. They are a level 8 clan. We are a level 7 clan, with a war win streak of zero as we lost our last war to another clan like this. Our war record before the start of this war is 94-19-6.

War Results VS Queen Max

Battle Day

The TH11 was easily killed by a TH8. I didn’t make a lot of notes during this war as it was next to impossible.

Results of War

We lost with a final score of 59-60. It was no surprise they won. We clearly are a better clan but that no longer matters.

Top of Our Battle Map

I failed to record the other stats that I normally do for war.