Assessment at Match Up

Eliterain City is not an engineered clan. It’s the best war match we’ve had in a long time. I can’t remember the last time we didn’t have engineers. Their war record is pretty bad but that doesn’t mean they have not improved recently. The lost their last war but won four in a row.  In the past, they didn’t really show up strongly for war but they have recently and I expect they will against us. Since the match is close they are probably quite hopeful.

Eliterain City Profile

Early hits on them might discourage them.

They have four TH9s in the war as do we. We have one more TH8 than they do as we didn’t bring any TH7s. I’m getting away from TH7s because of the engineering.

War Weight Eliterain City

Supercell says a change is coming but we will see. It appears they will put more weight on offense which makes sense but will make the war harder for us. That is okay, rather be harder than the several impossible wars we’ve had.

In this war, it appears we have a slight advantage on troop strength. This is especially true at TH9 but they have two bases with strong troops and that’s really all they need.

Stormy Knights Map vs Eliterain City

I think the war will be close but I think we will win if we perform as well as we usually do.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 6 clan with a war record of 70-72-0. They have a war win streak of zero. We are a level 8 clan with a war record of 135-29-8 and a war win streak of 3.

Eliterain City War Map

Battle Day

One Hour Remaining in War

The score is 29 to 21 and they have only three attacks left. Doesn’t look like their number 3 will show up but even if he does they cannot win. We are one star away from perfect. We didn’t kill their number 1. Only a 73 percent 2 star was gained on it. Everything else is dead. Only Stiffy was able to get a six pack in this war. We still have three TH8s standing only our weakest TH9 was three starred. It’s an 8.5. We have taken all 20 attacks while they have taken 17.

Eliterain City Stats1

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Sickthing — 2 star on number 1 and 3 star on number 2 and survived the war.

Silver: Frosty — 3 stars on number 3 and one star on number 1 and never attacked.
Bronze: — Stiffy 3 stars on both 10 and 7 and survived the war.

Results of War

We won this war with a new war record of 136-29-9. The final score was 29 to 21.

Defeat of Eliterain City

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Stormheart, Jessie, Happy, Thwack, Frostbyte, Sir Doom, Flirtilizer, Sir Stiffy

Eliterain City stats 2

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Stormheart, Jessie, Frosty, Happy, Flirtilizer, Sir Stiff

Elilterain City Stats3

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Eliterain City Destruction Comparison


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