Assessment at Match Up

This clan, Enjoy Men, looks very weak on offense. They are not engineered.  None of them have strong air troops. They all have level one hounds or no hounds at all. Their number one does have strong ground troops and 608 war stars so he can probably do some damage.

Weight Comparison vs Enjoy Men

Two of our nines are quite weak but two are quite strong. Jessie is a little weak vs ground attacks but not overly weak. Her Xbows are going to level 2 now.

Profile of Enjoy Men

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 6 clan with a war win streak of 2 and 57 war wins. Their war log is not public. WE are a level 8 clan so we have no advantage there. Our war record is 125-26-8 and our war win streak is zero.

This war will begin on 6-17-17.

Our Battle Map VS Enjoy Men

Battle Day

Sixteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 37 to 13. We’ve taken 24 attacks and they have taken only 8.  Included in their eight attacks are two no star defenses. One of our nines had to take out their top 8 but their 8s have killed our top two eights.  On the other hand, they are doing quite poorly lower down the map.

War Stats VS Enjoy Men

I have attacked number one and two getting only a one star on their number one and a three star on their number two.

One Hour Remaining in War

Our attacks are done. The score is 44 to 28.  Jessie got a 99 percent two star on their number 1 just inches away from a perfect war when the clock ran out.

They appear to be done with their attacks. They have no hope of beating us. They don’t have the attacks left.

They made one more attack taking the score to 44 to 30. We have taken 30 attacks and they have taken 16 with less than 15 minutes remaining in the war.

More Stats vs Enjoy Men

Most Valuable Players

Gold:  Jessie (ninety-nine percent 2 stars on 1)

Silver: Blitz (Six Stars)
Bronze: Stormheart (3 stars on number 2)

Results of War

We won this war giving us a war record of 126-26-8.

Victory vs Enjoy Men

The final score was 44 to 30.

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Destruction Comparison Vs Enjoy Men

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