Assessment at Match Up

The fourth war in a row that we have no chance of winning. A highly engineered clan again. We are too this war but we have been out engineered. We brought a TH9 that came in a position number 10 on the map. They have a nine at position 1, a TH10 at position 2 and another TH9 at position 7.

I’ve already tried once not taking any engineered or low town halls and we got one of the worst matches ever but we are going to try again for the next war. This is certainly not working. War is no longer fun for me.

War Weight

Battle Day

There was never a time we had much of a chance in this war. We had a big lead but it was just impossible. We lost  58 to 60.

CoC War Defeat

Results of War

We lost with a final score of 58 to 60. I am just to disgusted with Supercell at the moment for my normal write up. We have already matched for a new war and we do have a chance to win it. We took no rushed bases, no engineers. They are still slightly engineered with only 1 seven in the war and we have three.



Stormy Knights Battle Map

Enemy Battle MapDestruction

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