Assessment at Match Up

I do wish we could get a fair war. They have 7 Th9s in this war while we have five. Their number 1 nine has level 30 Archer Queen and level 26 Barbarian King.  They have a TH9 at position 15 on the map.

We took only two 7.5s and no engineers. The 7.5s are new 8s and that’s as unbalanced as we are. We do have two maxed TH8s in the war. We have one max 9.  

The number of nines that they have in the war gives them a clear advantage.

I don’t know if we will win this war. There is a good chance we will lose.

Stormy Knights VS King Gandol War Weight Comparison

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 10 clan with a war win streak of zero but 218 war wins. Their war log is not public. We are a level 7 clan also with a war win streak of zero. Our war record is 107-22-8. The war will being on 412-17.

Stormy Knights Battle Map

Battle Day

Seventeen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 41 to 34. We have taken 21 attacks while they have taken 16. Their number 1 attacked our numbers 3 and 1. He got two stars on each and 76 percent damage is the best they have done so far.

Their early attacks were quite poor with a TH9 struggling to barely three star our lowest TH7.  They have a lot of two star attacks but they have all those nines to make up for that.

King Gandol Battle Map

We have three stared all of their TH8s, TH7s and one TH9,  I was able to clear all them except Thwack three stared one of the 7s that I was having trouble with mostly because of the level 6 dragon in the CC. They were able to have that level because of the +2 troop donations.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Doom

Silver: Sickthing
Bronze: Reshall

Results of War

We won our 108th war. Their leader was suspended for hate speech as they had “Anti Israel” in their clan description.  That did make the difference in the war.

Final Score Stormy Knights VS King Gandol

There was no way we could prevail over all those 9s especially in a level 10 clan. Sir Doom reported the clan for hate speech as soon as we matched in this war.

The final score was 41 to 41 with a destruction of 97.00 percent to 91.4 percent. They had a TH8 with an attack left that wasn’t a very good player but if he had been able to three star one of our remaining 8s they would have won.

King Gandol Penalty for Hate Speech

They had several weak attacks despite their overwhelming advantage.  We also could have done better.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Captain Falcon, Z, Z, Reshall, Jessie, Yosa, Sickthing, Frostbyte, Flirtilizer, Sir Doom (attacked 6 times!) Daggerstein

Battle Stats VS King Gandol

Outright Defense

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Z, Z Reshall, Sickthing

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Sickthing, Flirtilizer, Doom

More Stats

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Destruction Comparison

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