Assessment at Match-Up

For the last clan in the CWL season, we will face a clan out of Iran.

We are out-gunned at the top of the map. For example, our top two nines are facing a TH11 and TH10. Hopefully, we can get a one-star on their 11.

Arabic Clan 1-1-18 Profile

However, the bottom of their map is very weak. They don’t have any missing members as of today. So, they probably will have 15 attacks. They have been scoring under 25 points in all but their first war where they got 28 points. They have won three wars at this point so they are not going to be easy.

At the bottom of the map, they have several weak TH7s and TH8s along with a TH6. Besides being weak, they also appear to be inactive.

Arabic Clan 10-31-18 Weight

I think we will win this war despite our lower THs at the top of the map. If we can score 30 points, I don’t think they can match that.  Twenty-six points are probably enough to win.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

Battle Day

The score is 25 to 6. We have attacked 10 times while they have attacked 2 times.

I had two poor attacks. My TH9 got fumble fingers and fouled up an attack on a TH10. It did manage to get a star. It should have been two. Could have been three but that is doubtful.

Arabic Clan 11-1-18 Stats 1

My 10 took the wrong army. I should have taken more bowlers and no healers.  The strategy was bad this time and I ended up with a no star. I’m not feeling very happy tonight.

We have a TH9 going up against a strong TH11 at position five on the map. I’m worried about it. It could be another no star.  I sure hope not. She’s a good attacker but she’s going up two TH levels.

Arabic Clan 11-1-18 Stats 2

They are missing six players. So, I don’t see how they can overcome that.  We already have as many stars as they have achieved in most wars. Winning doesn’t make me feel any better when I foul up.

Seven Hours Remaining in War

The score is 33 to 15. We have taken all of our attacks.  Our opponent has taken only 6 attacks and has only 3 remaining attacks due to missing members.

Results for Round 7 of CWL 11-1-18

We had another TH10 on TH11 failure so we left two bases with no stars on it. While we killed their TH9s and below we have a lot of open stars at the top.

Tragic Rhino did manage a one-star attack against a TH11 which is really more than could be hoped for. It was close.  He put a blitz on the TH and the AQ got it but the defensive Electro Dragon was closing in on her. I’m surprised she didn’t stop shooting at the TH and go for the dragon. That would have resulted in a fail.

We are going to win this war, with their missing members the most points they can get are 24.  They could have done better but I think they realized it was hopeless. Some of the 11s attacked high.  I guess to practice their attacks. Their number 1 did go low in order to pick up three stars.

Final Results of First CWL

Their number 2 attacked our 2. A TH11 vs our TH12 and got only 1 star. But even if he three-starred one of our nine they would not have had the points to achieve a win.

Three Hours Remaining in War

The score is 33 to 23.  They have taken only 9 attacks but that’s all the active players they have left. The remaining 6 have left the clan.

Promoted to Crystal 3 in CWL

I suppose they could come back but that is very unlikely and I wonder if the remaining 6 could get them 11 more points.  Probably not because most of their attacks were low. No reason for them to go high with missing members. Still, some of the players did go high.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Erlohe, 2 stars on 1.

Silver: Reaven, 2 stars on 2
Bronze: Jessie, 3 stars on 7

Results of War

We won this war with a final score of 33 to 23.

They had only 9 attacks and that cost them in a massive way and making it easy for us to win.

Final Score vs Arabic Clan 11-1-18

We have advanced to Crystal III for the next round of Clan War Leagues. We will be taking better bases next time. This was a learning experience.

Destruction Arabic Clan 11-1-18

We came in second place in our group for the first CWL. We had the highest destruction. I guess we were better at making splinters than getting stars.

Distribution of CWL Bonus Medals

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