Perfection in under four hours! That’s how long it took the Knights to score a perfect war against this clan. A perfect war is where one clan gets 3 stars on all the bases on the enemy map for complete destruction.

After about three and a half hours the score was 30 to 3.

Four Hours into War


The final score was 30 to 25 making our war record 14 wins, 3 losses and one tie. This brings us to a war win streak of eight.

Perfect Clash of Clans War Victory

Six Star Knights

Jill, TinyTowerMaster, Frostbyte and Mumbo Jumbo were our Knights that got six stars in this war. Sickthing, no doubt, would have but Jill asked me to attack their number one base. Sickthing got a star vs that base but only one and a lot of loot! Jill followed up my attack with a three star on number 1 ensuring our perfect war.

War Stats

Knights on Defense

TinyTowerMaster and Sickthing both had defenses in which no stars were scored on them. This unusual for TH7s. Tiny ended the war with one star left on her base which is highly unusual for a TH7. Sickthing fell to a TH7. Both bases were attacked three times.

Cosas Dela Vida had a five war win streak with 60 war wins and are a level 5 clan. The level 5 clan gets a big boost as their troop donations gain a level when received by the donee.

More War Stats

With the double clan XP being given by Supercell, we have already matched for our next war and it will be difficult for us to continue our win streak. We are clearly outmatched, once again. But, as we’ve learned to say “Let’s beat them anyway.”