Assessment at Match-Up

Friends Club is out of India. They appear to be very strong.

They have 4 TH9s in the war that appear to be completely max except for their Royals and one has a level 30 Archer Queen. They all have strong Royals at or over level 20.

Friends Club Clash of Clans Profile

They also managed to get a TH7 in at the bottom of the map to lower their overall war weight. Slight roster engineering is all they are doing.  Their TH8s are also very strong. All have level 6 AD and level 4 air sweepers.

Friends Weight

We can win this war but it will be the most difficult war we’ve had in a long time.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

Both clans are level 10 clans.

They have won 201 wars and have a 6 war win streak.

Stormy Knights Map vs Friends Club

Our war record is 197-43-12 and a war win streak of 10.

Battle Day

Twenty Hours Remaining in War

The score is 22 to 4. We have attacked 10 times and they have attacked 2 times.

Their number 1 attacked our number 1 for an 83 percent two star. Also, their number 7 attacked our number 6 for a 99 percent two star.

Friends Club War Map

Their number 2 is dead but I managed only an 83 percent 2 star on their number 1 so we are tied on attacking at number 1. At least for now we are tied.

We are struggling with one of their TH8s.  Jessie has a copy of that base one of her TH8s as we have seen it before. She got it with a GoWiPe last time and bowlers in the CC. It doesn’t look like a hard to kill base but we are having trouble with it. I killed it with dragons in a Friendly Challenge but not in the actual war attack.

On my attack on number 1 I fouled it up. I dropped a jump spell where I intended to drop a heal. I’m not sure that if I had dropped the correctly spell I would have done a lot better. I’m sure I would have done better but maybe still not good enough.  I always make a mistake like that in war. It was a very difficult base but my execution suffered again.

Five Hours Remaining in War

The score is 28 to 20.  We have taken all 20 of our attacks while they have taken only 9.

Our long streak without a loss is likely to come to an end. We have gone 28 wars without a loss.

Friends Club War Stats 1

Their numbers 2 and 4 have not attacked.  Their number three got a 93 percent two star on our number 1. But, Jessie got 95 percent on their number 1 and that helps a lot.  It gives us a chance to still win this war.

The problem is we did not three star their number 3. It has an 83 percent two star. Good but maybe not good enough.

They need to increase the percentage on our number one and if they three-star it we are in big trouble.

Friends Club War Stats 2

Their TH9s are running GoWipe with bowlers or hogs in the CC.  A GoWipe with hogs in the CC killed our number 2. That base usually does not get three-starred.  Three of our TH8s remain standing, our top th8 has not been attacked.

Hopefully, one of their TH9s will have to kill one or two of those and that will make it hard for them but not impossible.

Most Valuable Players

Gold:  Jessie, 95 percent on number 1.

Silver: Stormheart 3 stars on number 2 and two stars on number 1.
Bronze: Frosty, 3 stars on number 4 and 2 stars on number 3.

Results of War

We won this war. Part of war is showing up and they did not show up.

All of our nines were three-starred except our top base.  They had seven attacks remaining. Five stars could have been gained by killing two of our TH8s.  

Clash of Clans War Victory Over Friends Club

Their bottom Th9 at position four on the map did not attack. Our top TH8 would have given them three stars without any more attacks and our number 9 would have given them two to tie. They had a 99 percent on our number 6 so they would have won a tie.

The final score was 28 to 23 and damage percentage was 97.6 to 86.4.  They lost a six war win streak and our win streak is now 11.

War Destruction vs Friends Club

We have gone 29 wars without a loss.  Our new war record is 198-43-12.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Stormheart (4), Blitz, Blitz 2, 2nd Squire

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Stormheart, Frostbyte, Blitz 2, 2nd Squire

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Smiling Faces, 2nd Squire

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