Assessment at Match Up

Genjret is a mildly engineered clan with a TH9 at position 10 on the map in this ten base army.  It has only TH8 level troops including its CC, camps, and labs. So it is no threat to our 9s and only equal to a TH8 vs our eights.

Profile for Genjret

At Th9 none of them have maxed their air troops or valks. They appear to prefer hogs but only number 1 has max hogs and golems.

War Weight VS Genjret

In order to beat us they will have to have some very good defensive layouts vs LaLoon. We don’t have a ground attacker in this war and it could hurt us but we will probably be okay.

I anticipate winning this war.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 6 clan with a war record of 50 to 45 and no ties. They have been showing up for war which is more than the last two clans we were at war with.

Our War Map VS Genjret

We are a level 8 clan with a war record of 138-31-8. We have a war win streak of 2 while their war win streak is zero. They lost their last two wars.

Battle Day

21 Hours Remaining in War

The score is 18 to 6. All of their TH8s are dead. We have attacked 8 times while they have attacked four times. They have managed two three stars but one was vs our top TH8 by a nine. The same nine attacked our 8.5.  The two 8s that attacked got a 2 star and a one star.  

Genjret War Map

It is really too early to know how this will come out but it isn’t looking great for them.  But, only their number 2 has a threatening layout. It would be easy to kill with valks as would three and four.

Five Hours Remaining in War

We have perfect war number 74. They have not attacked very much and given Cragh an outright defense. They have attacked 9 times and we have attacked 19.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Frosty

Silver: Blitz
Bronze: Cragh

Results of War

We won this war with our 74th perfect war. The final score was 30 to 17. Our new war record is 139-31-9.

Victory over Genjret

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Cragh, Frostbyte, Doom, Daggerstein

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Jessie, Frosty, Cragh, Frostbyte, Doom, Stiffy

Genjret Destruction

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Jessie, Frosty, Blitz, Doom, Daggerstein, Stiffy

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