Assessment at Match-Up

Pasukan Begang, out of Indonesia, is an engineered clan.  They have 6 Th9s compared to our 4 and one is at the bottom of the map but has significant air defense. It does not have xbows. One other of their 9s is an 8.5.

Profile for Pasukan

They have strong troops and bases at position 1 through 4 on the map.

They have the ability to give us a hard war. I think we will win but it could go either way. It probably will not be an easy war for us.

Pasukan War Weight

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 3 clan with a war record of 17-6-0. They have only 1 perfect war. They have a history of close wars on most of their encounters. They appear to be a clan that will show up and fight.

We are a level 9 clan with a war record of  155-35-10.  

Both clans have a war win streak of 5.

This war will start on 10-31-17.

Battle Day

Twenty-Two hours Remaining in War

The score is 17 to zero as they have not attacked yet.  We have attacked 8 times. Killed all of their 8s on the first try but was unable to kill their TH9 at position 5. The TH9 at the bottom of the map didn’t have xbows but it did have four AD, it’s dead too.

Smiling faces is the only 8 to get six stars so far as the rest of their attacks were on that TH9 with two air sweepers and 4 Ad and a queen. Best we could do was with Doom at 71 percent. It has been two starred by two of our TH8s. One only managed a 1 star.

Clans out of Indonesia have a history of attacking a little later when we war against them. One of their Th8s at position 9 on the map is cooking dragons. He probably wants a shot at our bottom TH8 before others get to it. It’s not an easy target with level 5 Tesla, level 4 air sweeper and level 6 AD but none of the archer towers are level 10 and I think only two are up to level 8. I think they will attack only two hours have passed so far.

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

Their number 9 did attack. It didn’t look like they made a serious effort as they didn’t bring a dark spell on either of their two attacks. They didn’t wait for their king to recover from the second attack. They were a terrible attacker. Getting only 1 star on our number 10 and a no star on our number 9. I am beginning to think they will not attack. They brought nothing in the CC for the second attack. I’m not sure what they had in their CC for the first attack, I saw only 1 valk but there was probably something else.

Five Hours Remaining in War

Doesn’t look like they are going to show up for war but I’m not positive because their number 1 does have troops cooked that could be used for war. I don’t think they can three-star either our number one or two with valks. I have not checked the other bases recently.

Their number 7 had a pretty good ground attack on our number 7 but got only 2 stars. Barely getting the TH but 97 percent.

They have attacked only three times. The score is 22 to 3. We have attacked 15 times and so far we are struggling on their number 3. It has only one star but attacked only one time.

Reshall had some bad luck on number 2. I would have expected his ground troops to have taken out three AD but they left one AD and an archer tower so he ended up with a 63 percent 2 star. Should have been three. They had three baby dragons in the CC. I think we will try that on some of our nines. There is more of a chance for them to spread out and more targets for the queen to deal with.

Three Hours Remaining in War

They decided to show up.  The score is 25 to 16. They have taken 10 attacks. There is still very little activity from their TH8s. We will not get a perfect war but I’m still hoping for four more stars from our side. Jessie is going to Witch Slap their number 1 or 3 and Reshall is likely to do the same.  We have a 95 percent two star on 3 so we need to get stars on their number 1 before going on three again.

One Hour Left in War

We could end up losing this one. Only because of their overabundance of TH9s. But, we’ve probably got it won. At this point, I am a little worried about our number 1 missing his attack by oversleeping.  Otherwise, I think we will be okay. We do need at least one more star on number 1. He usually gets three stars but our number 2 tried to witch slap number 1 and it didn’t go great. Wasn’t a bad attack but only a one star.

The score is 26 to 24.  

They have a lot of attacks left but can pick up only one star on most of our bases. There is an easy two stars at the bottom of our map. We have only one attack left. We can pick up two stars on their number one but only one star on their number 3.  They have two TH9s with attacks left. Their number 10 has two attacks while their number one has one attack remaining. He can’t do it alone.  But their Th8s at number 6 and 7 both have one attack left. They have to three-star.

Thirty Minutes Remaining in War

The score is all tied up at 26.  We have one attack left. Reshall will try number 1 and we badly need another star. A three-star will clinch it for us.  They have three attacks left but it doesn’t appear their number 8 will show up.

Twenty Minutes Remaining in War

The score is 28 to 26.  They could still gain two stars but it is not likely. Their number 8 is not online and number one can gain only one star. He can attack Blitz but that three-star attack will not give them the win.  He could also attack our one standing eight but that’s not enough. Number 8 must show up and then attack and kill Doom.

Most Valuable Players

Gold:  Reshall

Silver: Frosty
Bronze: Blitz

Results of War

We won this war.  Reshall came in with about 10 minutes remaining and three starred their number 1. He used the exact same troops and attacked in the same way Jessie did but this time the bowlers went to the core.  Both were Witch Slaps.

Final Results for Pasukan Begnang

In the end, these engineers didn’t have the depth to win.  Yes, their Th9s could and did dip down to kill our 8s but they couldn’t three-star even our weakest TH9s. Their TH8s rarely were able to three-star out 8s.  In the end, they just didn’t have enough attacks despite their strong advantage. One of the members did not show up too.

The final score was 28 to 27 giving us a war record of 157-35-10.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Reshall, Jessie, Frosty, Blitz, Doom, Daggerstein, Smiling Faces (3)

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Reshall, Jessie, Doom

Destruction VS Pasukan

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Smiling Faces

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