In order to join, I need to talk to you first. I’ve learned through experience that if a person is unwilling to do that, they are not going to fit in. You need to have patience to be a part of growing clan. Plus, if we are at war, I have no way of knowing if you’re a spy from the opposing clan unless I have talked to you. You can obtain the application at both Apple and the Google Play Store. Search for Band to find it. Once you have the app you can find us at: Also, you do not need the application. You can access with a browser too. However, Band works much better with the application.

Join Stormy Knights Clan

Talk to Me!

The best way to reach me is to install the app called “Band” and visit us at our Stormy Knights Prospects channel. You can do that by clicking here.

We are a teaching clan so we are willing to accept active TH7 and up. If you are rushed then you will need to get your village caught up before you are allowed to war with us. At times, we will accept below TH7. It depends on our current clan makeup.

You can be a casual player but you must be willing to work as hard on defense as you do on offense. We’ve never lost a war due to offense, only due to defense.

We need higher level town halls too. If you want to be part of a capable new clan to learn and to help us grow please go to that link and join. I will send you a message as soon as I see it.