There are just a few steps you need to execute to opt in or out of war.  In this article, I will also discuss some of the basic mechanics of war. After you do so, if you display the clan membership, you will see the icon beside your name is now red.

First, go to your home screen in CoC.

Opting in and out of War 1


Click the “information” icon at the top as indicated via the arrow. After you do that, this following screen pops up:

No click the Clan Wars icon to display the opt out and opt in options as shown below:

Now you need to choose to opt in or opt out and that is it.

War Mechanics


I can only include multiples of five in war starting at 10 members. So I can only select 10, 15, 20 and so on.  In order to reach one of those numbers, I may need to include you in war even if you are opted out.

If I include you in a war that you were option out you do not have to attack. Do not worry about it because I already planned for that and have someone else that can attack the base you are assigned too. If you want to try and fail to get a star, it doesn’t matter at all to me. There is nothing wrong with getting a practice attack in. In fact, it is a good idea because war bases are generally more difficult to defeat. This is less true at the lower level options though. At TH 5 and below, bases are usually about the same. Storages may be outside of walls more often. It doesn’t matter if you kill their storages in war. They don’t lose the loot in war nor do you lose your loot due to a war attack. It makes no difference at all. Here is what the CoC Wiki has to say:

If you wish to not participate in a Clan War you can Opt-Out. You can do this by visiting your Player Profile and clicking the “Clan Wars” button and it will ask you if you prefer to be in the war or not. Click “I’m Out” if you would like to be left out, click “I’m In” if you would like to be in the war. Note: Leaders can still choose players that have chosen to opt-out by default, and can always leave out players that have chosen to opt-in by default



I will only do this if the ability to war depends on it. That is, if I cannot start the war without your presense due to the number of members in clan required by CoC.

Also, if you have a shield, you do not lose any of your shield for attacking during war.

I hope this explains the basics. If you have any questions, use the comments section below to ask them. If you are a member of our clan you can also use our band channel and that would probably be better because we don’t want to risk disclosing anything about our attacks.

If you would like to join our clan, visit our Band channel here.