The personal break time (PBT) changes that occurred in December 2015 really angered a lot of people. Some to the point of quitting and many more threatened it but just couldn’t stop. If you are like me, truly obsessed with the game, you won’t quit over something that is inflicted on everyone. You will overcome and adapt. If you are good, you will find a way to excel under the ever changing conditions.

Before the update I often played for six hours at a time and then logged off for 10 minutes and started over again. Now, if you don’t do things to overcome that, you will be forced to log off after only three hours.

If you want to play in the upper leagues, this is a real problem if you never spend any money on the game. I don’t think it is possible for most of us. If you are very strong defensively and can get a lot of defenses, you can remain in the upper leagues. However, if you rely on defenses to get the trophies needed for champion league, your loot will likely dwindle down to nothing. Without loot, your growth will slow or stop. That is no fun to me.

Use Village Guard to Delay Personal Break Time

Supercell added the Village Guard at the same time they decreased the amount of time one could stay online before being kicked. I have never seen them announce it but if you buy a village guard for 10 gems that will extend your PBT by 2 hours.

Time before PBT Starts

Use a Shield to Extend your Time Online

By starting your raiding session with over 3 hours on your shield, you can get in an extra two raids before your 3 hours begins to count down.

Activate Village Guard Also, in champion league you get a free one hour village guard. So, with buying one, that doubles your time online. In lower leagues your village guard is only 30 minutes when your shield expires.

You may be inclined to say that “That’s not much more time.” Doubling your time online is huge. Today I played for 7 hours by doing these things and gaining a net of more than 21,000 dark elixir for my efforts. I started the session with just over 40,000 dark elixir and when my raiding was done and my next raiding troops were queued. I had over 61,000. I used GoWiPe attacks during the seven hours so I used a lot of dark to gain that 20K.

Activate Village Guard 2

I boost my troop and spell production during this time. I also boost my royals recovery time. This allows me to get the most out of my time.

Yes, I have to spend a little money to do this and it does add up. If you are unwilling to do that, then I suggest you stay in a much lower league.   It takes a long time to make a golem. It take me 1:49 hours to cook spells if I do not boost.

Extended PBT

I don’t believe you can play this game as a low or mid-level town hall 9 in champion league without spending some money. You do not have to go that high in the leagues though. If you can do spend a little money on the game, then you can greatly increase the rate of your growth. I have spent too much at times but I keep at no more than $20 a month now. I need to spend $50 but I just have to cut back on my raiding and grow slower.

I go high in the leagues because the bases are like war bases. It gives me the chance to use more complicated attacks and have an idea of how I will do in war.