Assessment at Match-Up

This clan is out of South Korea.

They do no look very strong.  They have only one TH12 vs our 2. They do have a TH11 though. We have no 11 and only 2 TH10s. They have 5 TH10s which could cause us a problem but many are rushed or engineered.

Korean Clan 10-26-18 Profile

I think we will lose this war.  I can’t help but think that I thought our last CWL battle was impossible but we won it easily.  But they have a lot of TH10s that we are going to two-star. Hopefully, no 1-star attacks. I just do not see how we can win with these odds.  They showed up strong in their last CWL so no reason to think they won’t again.

Korean 10-26-18 Weight

I do not keep a record of war win records on CWL wars. This is our second CWL battle.

They did achieve 36 stars in their previous CWL battle which is the same number of stars that we have.

The war will begin on 10-26-18.

Battle Day

Eighteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 22 to 10. We have attacked 9 times and they have attacked 5 times. It’s hard to gauge how things are going at this point.

Korean Battle Map 10-26-18

Once again, I did poorly with my TH10. This time getting only 1 star at 49 percent. I have to change something.

But I got a 90 percent two-star with my TH9 on a TH10. Their TH10 that attacked me got only  71 percent two-star. I just hope they 1-star one of our 10s.

Their TH11 managed only 1 star vs our number 2 TH12. They have only one TH12. It was their first battle of the night.

Korean Stats 1 10-26-18

One of our TH8s failed with only a 1 star on one of their TH8s. That’s rare and hurt us.  They have only 2 bases below TH9 while we have 5 TH8s. That’s a serious disadvantage but the real problem is the number of TH10s they have. They have five while we have only two.

Two Hours Remaining War

The score is 35 to 31 with all attacks taken. We have won this war. It seemed impossible but we did it. We had one no star attack by a TH9 vs a TH10. That’s going to happen sometimes.  But, overall we had 9 3 stars while they had only 4. That made the difference.

CWL Group 2 Standings after Round 2

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Erlohe, three stars on number 2 and a 2-star defense.

Standings After Round 2

Silver: Raven, three stars on number 3 and a 1-star defense.
Bronze: Stormheart, a 90 percent two star on a TH10 and a two-star 71 percent defense vs a TH10.

Results of War

We have won this war.  I’m surprised. The final score was. 35 to 31.

Results vs Korean 10-26-18

Better attacks will beat stronger bases.  This war proves it. We did have our low points but also some shining moments.

We are first in our CWL Group with 91 stars. The second place clan is the clan we just beat. They have 77.  The number three clan has 69 so we have a big lead on them.

Korean 10-26-18 Destruction

They can catch us though. Winning a war adds 10 stars to the clans’ score. So, if we don’t continue to win we will fall below.

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