Assessment at Match-Up

Our next war is against Laleh, a clan out of Iran.  It appears five of their member have left the clan. They are listed sixth on the leaderboard.

Laleh Profile

I think we will win this war and without much effort. But, I know, you can never be certain of anything in war.

Laleh Weight

We are tired. All fifteen of our bases are made up of three people.  We are going up against higher level town halls except for our number 2 vs their number 2.  They have only 2 TH8s in the war and our 8s have two fairly strong TH9s to attack. One of them is very strong.

Battle Day

Twenty-Two Hours Remaining in War

These bases are stronger than what we have been seeing. Their top two are not very strong but their 9s are stronger and of course, they have more TH10s and 9s than we do.

Laleh Battle Map

We’ve already had one failed TH8 vs TH9 attack.

The score is 6 to 3.  We have attacked three times while they have attacked once.

Seventeen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 14 to 5. We have attacked 7 times while they have attacked  2 times.

Laleh Stats 1

We had a TH8 failed attack on a TH9. So, we’ve adjusted and are now starting to dip. Their top TH9 is dead..

One of our 9s is going to attempt a QW on their bottom TH10.  I don’t think she will fail but if so, we’ll have to adjust again.

Nothing above TH9 has attacked.

Laleh Stats 2

Their number 10 attacked our number 1 nine and managed only a 51 percent two-star. It was a very bad attack so I’m hoping they will have more bad attacks. Another TH9 three-starred our top TH8 but that is to be expected. It was a good attack.

Two-Hours Remaining in War

The score is 34 to 10. We have taken all 15 attacks while they have taken only 4 and that may be all they take.

Jessie made a sacrifice attack on a TH10 in this war because she is better with a Queen Walk and the bottom TH10 was not good for my skill set. That allowed me to attack the top 9 for three stars. Sometimes stars don’t tell the whole story.

Our 12s three-starred as did one of our TH10s. We didn’t need to attack their number 1 due to a failed attack down low. We have three Th8s with only dragons. The bottom nine was strong and those 8s couldn’t get it. Another 8, with ground troops, got two stars on it.

One Hour Remaining in War

Their number 1 attacked our number 15. A TH12 vs a weak TH8. Of course he three-starred it. I guess he wanted to add some war stars.

They have now attacked 5 times with a score of 34 to 13.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Erlohe, three stars on 2.

Silver: Raven, three stars on 3.
Bronze: Tertius, three stars on 4.

Results of War

We easily won this war.

Victory over Laleh

The final score was 34-13.

Laleh Destruction

The didn’t show up.

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