Assessment at Match Up

Benteng Minang is an extremely engineered clan. We took 4 TH9s they have a TH10 and a TH11 at the top of the map and 4 TH9s starting at position 8 on the map. This war is a freaking joke.

War Weight Comparison vs Benteng(There is an error in the war weight graphic.  Our number 20 didn’t have a war weight of zero. It was around 32.)

I don’t usually complain to Supercell but I did this time and their reply was not one of sympathy like I’ve received in the past.  This time it was more like “Get your strategy right.” What a joke.

Benteng Minang Profile

We have no chance of winning this war.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They have a war win streak of zero and we have a war win streak of 1. They are a level 11 clan and we are a level 8. They have won 126 wars. Our war record is 126-26-8.

Our Battle Map vs Benteng Minang

The battle will start on 6-20-17.

Battle Day

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 43 to 18. We have attacked 19 times while they have attacked 9. They are very bad attackers but that just makes it harder to have such great odds against us.

Our 7s were able to kill everything up to their number 12.   They have three 8s still standing and four nines or higher.

Benteng Minang Battle Map

I “ran out of gas” early in this war because we got a late match.

Two Hours Remaining in War

This war is a joke. Their number five just attacked our number 17. They are awful but we have no chance of winning and very little chance of a tie. As I type number 12 is attacking our number 18.

War Stats vs Benteng Minang

The score is 53 to 56.  

Their number 1 attacked our number 9 and 16. It’s beginning to look like they may not show up. But their number 3 has two attacks and hounds made along with loons and minions.

One Hour Remaining in War

If their number 3 does not show up, we are likely to win this war. He’s not online but he does have troops cooked.

Jessie got a 99 percent 2 star on their number one. Only 1 Tesla remained standing and we were within inches of getting that. Both her queen and king were closing in on it.

More War Stats vs Benteng Minang

I never thought we’d be in a position to win this war. We will win a tie but if their number three shows up, it is unlikely we will get a tie.  They have not three starred three of our bases so they need one other person to show up as well.

We have a TH8 with one star left and Jessie will kill that with Frosty and she has one attack left on her Jessie account too. The score is 57 to 57.

They have taken only 26 attacks at this point and have 14 left. We have take 38 attacks and have 2 left.

Jessie just three starred their number TH10. They attacked one of our low TH7s in reply. So the score is 59 to 58, If their number three shows up he should be able to get the last two stars for their perfect war.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Frosty

Silver: Jessie
Bronze: Sickthing

Results of War

How in the world did we win this war? I can tell you how they were lazy and we are stubborn. They attacked only when they had too and they fouled up. Their number three did attack our number 3. Our number three was formerly a TH8.5. It recently added the 4th AD but it is at only level 4.

Defeat of Benteng Minang


He waited until the last few seconds to attack while their number 1 attacked our number 16 when they had to have another star. He should have attacked our number 3 but they didn’t want to attack. They attacked only when they had too and it ended up they needed to get a perfect war to beat us and he failed.

Giving us the victory at 44 to 44 with the edge of destruction going to us.  Our new war record is 127-26-8 with a 2 war win streak. The destruction percentage win was by the slimmest of margins at 99.95 to 95.33.  The key to this war was they were lazy.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Frosty, Chief Muf, Diderius, Sir Stiff, Daggerstein, Jewel, Smiling Faces

Destruction Comparison vs Benteng Minang

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War


Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Stormheart, Jessie, 2nd Squire, Jewel, Smiling Faces, Blitz the 2nd

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