Assessment at Match Up

This Chinese clan brings us another war we should be unable to win. They have two TH10s with fully maxed camps and max air troops.  We have 5 nines in the war and that is more than enough to kill them. Plus we also have one engineered nine with no defense. I don’t plan to bring our engineered base to war again. It is mine and I am not doing well enough with it. It has max air troops but less than level 10 royals and I’m not attacking well enough.

China Profile 7-16-17

They should be able to get a perfect war on us even though they will almost certainly be very poor attackers.

The most we can hope for is a tie.  Of course, they could be horrible attackers even with their TH10s.  They will have to be very bad not to kill all of our bases.

China 7-16-17 War Weight

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 7 clan with a war record of 83-45-1. We are a level 8 clan with a war record of 132-28-9. We have a war win streak of zero while they have a war win streak of one.

Our Battle Map 7-16-17

Battle Day

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

We have the lead for now. The score is 53 to 34.  We have taken 29 attacks and they have taken 18.  

China 7-16-17 Battle Map

I have taken 22 attacks myself and I’m so glad I’m finished. That’s just too much. I realized that I need to attack with my 9 earlier than what I have been. I did and got six stars but I attacked the bottom 2 nines. I am sick so I was worried. I also attacked the bottom nine with my engineered nine and got only one star. I also attacked their TH10 at position 10 on the map with One Cannon and three starred it. It wasn’t without defense and had a level 14 queen. But it went down easily.

China 7-16-17 Stats1

My TH8s three starred everything they attacked but the 7s ran into a problem with three of the TH8s they attacked.  They were easy for my TH8s to kill. Thwack also killed two of the TH8s. I ran out of new bases to attack quickly and kill their number 6 about 5 times and their number 5 twice despite losing connection during one attack.

Their attacks have been mostly poor with some three stars sprinkled in here and there. But with their massive advantage, we’ll be lucky to win.  

China 7-16-17 Stats2

Our number 1 TH9 has so far managed a 98 percent two star on their number 2. That should be enough but since Supercell doesn’t have a clue how to match clans anymore, that’s not good enough.  If we don’t three star it, we’ll very likely lose.

Two Hours Remaining in War

The score is 58 to 59. They are out of viable attacks on our last TH9 and that is all we have left standing. Their TH10 at position 14 on the map gave Jessie and outright defense! He attacked it wrong and did not bring his queen as she was down for upgrading.

China 7-16-17 Stats3

Unfortunately, we have only 1 TH8 attack and one TH9 attack left. Their number 1 is the last is very difficult and Jessie has only one attack left. She made an error on number 3, something everyone does eventually. Usually, it is me that makes these kinds of mistake but she failed to take her CC Lava Hound with her when she attacked number 3.

At this point, even if she can kill number 1 both clans will have the same destruction unless there is a percentage we can’t see. It could be calculated to a decimal point that is not available during war. But they have 92 percent on Jessie and we have 92 percent destruction on their number 3.

There is very little chance that the TH8 can kill three. I found a way to make it barely possible but I tried it and failed. The AD is on the edge so I took hogs to kill one and lightning the other but they have a witch in the CC and it tore up my loons or I just didn’t get the dragons in the right place. The AD is too far apart for rage to work as well as it is needed.  Since the 9 has level 7 AD she will have to take lvl 4 earthquake to take it out with zap quake and that means only a level 2 poison which hurt me on my attempt.  She is a better attacker though.  So there is a chance.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Reshall — Two 98 percent 2 star attacks

Silver: — Jessie the only base to survive the war and she got an outright defense vs a TH10
Bronze: — Stormheart two three star attacks vs TH9s.

Results of War

We lost this war by one star. The final score was 58 to 59. They gave us 4 outright defenses but their engineered bases saved them. We also had many Knights with 6 stars.

Loss to China 7-16-17

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Blitz2, One Cannon, Smiling Faces, 2nd Squire, Seadog, Daggerstien, Doom, Thwack, Jessie

Outright Defense

One Cannon, Smiling Faces, Jessie, Blitz the 2nd

Knights Surviving at the End of War


Destruction Comparison Vs China 07-16-17

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Stormheart, Sickthing, Daggerstein, Stiffy, Flirtilizer, Doom, Thwack, SeaDog, Blitz2, Smiling Faces

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