Assessment at Match Up

Even the clan’s name, Big Smart, irks me.  They strike me as a bunch of jerks. In several cases, their farming bases are the symbols of clowns or jesters.

War Weight VS Big Smart

I’ve seen engineers brag on the Internet about how it’s just smarter. No sense of right or wrong, I think that’s the mentality of a psychopath.

The extremely engineered clan bring 3 TH10s and 7 TH9s. We have three TH9s in the war.

Big Smart Profile

It is inconceivable that we could win this war. Perhaps we can tie them.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are level 5 clan with 31 war wins and a win streak of 4. They had to lose a massive amount of wars to get to level 5 with only 31 war wins.  They war log is not public. We are a level 8 clan with a war record of 125-25-8. We have a war win streak of 8 and the last five ended in perfect wars for us.

The war will begin on 6-15-17.

Battle Day

Seventeen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 34 to 34. They are awful when they have to attack on an equal footing or equal TH level. They have three failed attacks.

Map VS Big Smart

We have taken 20 attacks and they have taken 18. Our 7s and 8s have three starred multiple TH9s and TH10s. One of our nines got a 98 percent two star on their number 3. He ran out of time with two huts left standing and just a few tiles away while his dragons chased the king around while time ran out.

Their top TH10 three starred out top TH9 with five level 5 pekka and other troops. She has only level 1 xbows. Our other 9s were not in this war. Our highest base as a war weight of 66 and they have three TH10s in this war.

No wonder people are leaving Clash of Clans but we will attack and attack and most of the time we will win. When enough people leave, Supercell might do something about this. I don’t know, they may just hope that new people will accept it as they way to do things.

Clash of Clans Map for Big Smart

Despite our outstanding performance, we have no chance of winning this war. We have a chance of tying.

Five Hours Remaining in War

They have a perfect war of course.  We have a possibility of getting a perfect war too.  They have had three failed attacks.

They are terrible!   Their number 2 a TH9 failed to three star our number 15!  Ha ha

War Stats VS Big Smart

One Hour Remaining in War

We have lost this war. We have one attack left and only one base that has not been three starred but the remaining attacker has already attacked their last standing base. A TH9 at position two on the map has a 69 percent two star. We cannot get perfect.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Jessie

Silver: Frosty
Bronze: Blitz


Results of War

We lost this war with a final score of 44 to 45 ending our 8 war win streak. Eight is as high as we’ve ever been able to go. Our war record is 125-26-8. It’s hard to lose to a clan that cannot attack but the match is so bad we have no chance. They gained a victory but they failed to gain our respect.

Loss of Game to Big Smart

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Jessie, Diderius, Sir Stiff, Daggerstein, Jewel, Smiling Faces

More War Stats vs Big Smart

Outright Defense

Daggerstein, Jewel, Smiling Faces

Knights Surviving at the End of War


Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Blitz, 2nd Squire, Jewel, Smiling Faces

Destruction vs Big Smart

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