Assessment at Match Up

Pangkasepna is another extremely engineered clan. Supercell is not going to do anything to change this. This is the new Supercell. Deal with it or quit.

Pag Weight Comparison

They have 8 TH9s and 1 TH10 in this war. We have four non-engineered TH9s in this war.

Profile for Pangkasepna

They will likely be terrible attackers but it is unlikely we can win but perhaps we can tie.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 5 clan with 44 war wins and a win streak of 1. Their war log is not public. We are a level 8 clan with a war record of 128-8-9 and a war win streak of zero. Our last war resulted in a tie with all bases dead.

Our Map vs Pangkasepna

Battle Day

Twenty Hours Remaining in War

They have attacked twice, too early to tell much about their skills since both attacks came from their number 11.  He got a 1 star on our number 11 and a no-star eight percent on our number 13.

Our 7s and 8s killed many of their nines and all of their 8s and below. One of the 9s the 8s killed was at position six on the map but managed only a 1 star on their number 5, so far.

The score is 46 to 1.  We have taken 21 attacks. I am wondering if they will ever come out and play haha.  

Pangkasepna Stats 1

It is still likely they will get a perfect war as they have an overwhelming advantage in attack strength. It is still likely we cannot win this war but it is possible we can tie. It’s possible we can win but it’s not likely.

They are there, they have watched most of our attacks but seem afraid to me.  None of our nines have attacked yet.


Three Hours Remaining in War

The score is 51 to 58. They have one viable attack left. They are horrible and it will be unpleasant to lose to such a poor clan.  I get the feeling that Supercell has no idea what is going on in their game.

Pangkasepna Stats 2

Jessie got and outright defense from their number three. Who then went down and attacked our number 20 for three stars.

Twenty Minutes Remaining in War

We lost this war. We are out of attacks and the score is 55 to 58. We need more diversity in our attacks and not always use LaLoon.

Pangkasepna Stats 3

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Sir Doom

Silver: Blitz
Bronze: Sir Stiff

Results of War

We lost this war with a final score of 55 to 58.  Giving us a new war record of 128-27-9. This clan was lazy and inept but we didn’t do a very good job either.

Pangkasepna Defeats Stormy Knights

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Reshall, Jessie, Happy, Doom, Stiffy, Daggerstein, 2nd Squire (Nearly all of our bases were killed by Th9s, including our TH7s)

Outright Defense

Jessie (2) Stiffy

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Reshall, Jessie

Pangkasepna Destruction Comparison

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Blitz, Doom, Stiffy, Squire, Jewel, Smiling Faces,

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